Cake Tentflatables

Birthday & Anniversary Cake Tentflatables

There is new and exciting news in the Tent World. No more boring standard tents to set up for a Birthday Party or Anniversary. Now you can wow your customers with one of our Cake Tentflatables, great for Birthdays and Anniversaries.

Finally there is a new way of adding to your rental fleet of Tents and creating a new revenue stream with our unique and innovative Cake Tentflatables. Consumers and Businesses are always looking for new ideas or ways to create a memorable event for a loved one or for their customers.

Custom Tents has had great success in renting many of our Tentflatables to both businesses and consumers in the Southern California area.

Be one of the first Tent Rental Companies to add one or several Cake Tentflatables to your Rental Fleet and benefit from this exciting new niche market that is virtually untapped.

You’ll be the talk of the town. Very little advertising or marketing is needed since most of your business will come from referrals and many party goers will simply just take your number and/or information down from your company label located on the inside corner valance of your Cake Tentflatable. Your return on your investment should happen quickly, in a matter of a few months.

Cake Rental On Its own
You may also have several individuals that will request to rent the Cake independently which you can do in case you don’t rent the Cake Tentflatable.

Potential Customers 
Consumers looking for new ways to celebrate a Birthday or Anniversary while celebrating under a tent.

Team Up With Event Planners
Team up with Event Planners in your area and turn their Birthday or Anniversary Event into a grand and memorable experience.

Our Holiday Tentflatables also work great and are often used as entrances to larger Tents.

A business celebrating a store Anniversary or Birthday. Businesses such as Car Dealerships, Furniture Stores and many more have benefited immensely from this new and creative form of advertising.

For Events 
Currently there are several themed Tentflatables that we offer and that are many more themes being created. Current Inventory: Christmas, Halloween, Patriotic, Las Vegas Theme, Cake & Gifts, Red Tag Sale, Super Hero.

Tentflatable Gable Sizes: 10×10; 10×15; 10×20; 15×15; 15×20; 20×20; 20×30; 20×40
Tentflatable Standard Frame Sizes: 20×40

Standard Size Tentflatables Used For Businesses
20×20 Gable Tent and 20×40 Standard Frame Tent are the typical sizes that we offer for a Sale or Promotion. Custom sizes can be created to fit yours or your customers needs.

If your customer has a theme in mind we can design & tailor a Customized Tent to your customer’s specifications. Call one of our Tent Sales Specialist at (626) 758-1986 or fill out the Contact Information and we’ll get back to you right away. Thank You for Visiting Custom Tents