Dome Tents

As a bona fide designer, manufacturer, and supplier of a superb selection of Custom Tents, Custom Tent also offers the unique, stylish Dome Tent. The popular Dome Tent design may be customized to brandish your company’s brand with a full cover, partial cover, or without a cover. There are literally countless combinations of personalizing the dynamic Dome Tent. Take a look at our Product Gallery to view some of the completed projects for ideas or spearhead your own customized Dome Tent. The Dome Tent is the quintessential design for any brand or Event Planner who is determined to create the most memorable experience for your guests.

Custom Tent is a professional manufacturer and worldwide supplier of commercial grade Promotional Products. Our signature piece such as the interactive Dome Tent is extremely popular. The structure is made of heavy duty vinyl made in the U.S.A. that includes Fire Retardant coating. Feel free to browse our online Showroom for project reference or if you already have a vision of your project, we’re ready to collaborate with you. Your guests will definitely appreciate the interactive quality to the dynamic Dome Tent. Whatever your vision needs are, our team will do our best to bring them to realization. The Dome Tent is easy to set up and take down and makes for an extremely effective Marketing installation with ideal Advertising space along the Inflatable Frame or on the Dome Tent Cover.

Working directly with the manufacturer will definitely place you in a more ideal position to directly influence the progress of your project. The Account Executive you are assigned will be able to provide you regular updates on your dream project to ensure everything is moving smoothly, according to your Special Event timetable. This is why it is critical that the 3-dimensional rendering created by our Graphic Designer meets your exact art specifications. Once approved, our team will move forward into production. Custom Tent is a dependable vendor that delivers client projects on time. In fact, should you have a last minute need for Dome Tent product, our team is generally equipped to accommodate Rush Orders, at the discretion of our CEO.

The expertly crafted Dome Tent will be an excellent addition to any Special Event whether you decide to brandish your unique brand across the structure or simply have a brightly colored Dome Tent without graphics, text, or logos. Ultimately, your guests will be extremely impressed with the unique,interactive quality of the Dome Tent. The massiveness of the structure commands attention and this combined with the detailing your team creates on the inside of the Dome Tent such as an area to socialize, lounge, DJ station, performance stage, or info booth. Ultimately, the incredible Dome Tent offers a large area for some exciting ideas to be explored for your guests to create some incredible memories. Contact a Custom Tent Account Executive today at (626) 758-1986 to discuss your Dome Tent order.