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Large Event tents

Hosting a large events tends to involves a lot of people and planning. Especially if you are expecting hundreds or thousands of attendees. You have to plan for seating options, if it's a sit down or traffic flow if there will be stations for people to come and go to. Many venues offer some sort of indoor accommodations that can be arranged for particular events like weddings or conferences but outdoor open spaces gives you more options where you can fully design and arrange the event to your liking.


There are a great many use cases for tents with larger footprints. For larger events with outdoor settings a tent is a very handy tool that can help you create different stations or attractions throughout your floor plan. Concerts usually lay out a couple of tents throughout their premises where they will have multiple performers operating at the same time. When there is only a main stage there are multiple tents lines up over head or one very big tent. For weddings a main tent is used to host the reception after the ceremony.


There are also galas, exhibitions, sporting events, traveling circuses, parties and much more... 

Each event has different tent needs so just let us know how big you need your tent to be and we will customize it for you. 

50x80 Carnival Tent
40x70 Tent

Durable BUILD Quality

Large tents require even more attention to detail when it comes to larger structures. We focus on using high quality materials not only for a durable product but also to ensure the integrity of any structure we build.  


We also work with engineers to produce structural calculations for clients who request it for specific setup locations.

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