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Commercial Frame Tents

Frame tents come in a variety of styles but the most popular, by far, is the standard frame tent. It features a straightforward design that is very easy to assemble. The standard frame tent is built with a durable aircraft grade aluminum poles which are galvanized to prevent corrosion. The vinyl material used to manufacture the tent top, walls and other accessories has a heavy duty weave to prevent rips or tears. We have taken this classic tent and rebuilt it from the ground up with commercial grade materials in order to deliver a tent with no compromises.

We offer over 10+ solid colors for you to choose from for your tent and we can help you customize your tent with graphics, accessories or with unique design cues. For example, we offer scalloped valances, striped tops and checkered tent tops. Custom pole tents are unique because they are both a structure to host events as well as a marketing tool to display your brand, images and signage. When you are designing a tent, the very first thing to consider is the size. Once you have a size in mind, then we can work together to add custom imaging and accessories to your tent. 

Frame tent structures come in individual parts that require assembly. The average 20x20 pole tent takes about 20-30 mins to assemble and tether to the ground. If you are near our facility we can send our professional installation team to do it for you.

Large Commercial White Party Tents
Event Frame Tents

The standard frame tent is the most common pole tent in the world. It features very geometric design cues and has gone mostly unchanged for the last 40 years. Its popularity has made it the industry standard and they can be acquired from just about any tent manufacturer. The most common tent size is the 20'x20'. They are often used for special occasions like parties, weddings, galas, exhibitions and other outdoor activities. Outside of these use cases we have had clients use them for swap meets, merchandise stores (at concerts) and even for car dealerships. For parties and the like, it is common for tents to be solid colored with walls. Companies and organizations using them for marketing purposes tend to print their signage and images all over their tent. 

In order to customize a tent in your preferred dimensions, with specific accessories and with custom imaging we have a dedicated design team that utilizes a multitude of design programs to help you bring your idea to life. With your direction we will create a 3D mockup for you to reference and we will make the necessary changes to your tent design until you are satisfied with the design. From there, we will manufacture your tent in 7-10 business days and ship it to your location. We are here to help and answer all questions that might arise regarding tents so feel free to reach out.

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The 15x15 standard frame tent showcased in the video below was used for a t.v. show premiere that was hosted at the El Capitan Theater. The tent was used as a photo studio where fans were able to hold props and have their picture taken with a green screen. The host would provide them with a final image as an attendance gift. In this case we worked hand in hand with a marketing company who was tasked with putting it all together. Our contribution was the tent which featured custom graphics on the tent top and walls. The tent structure served as both a marketing tool to attract attention with the lively graphics as well as the photo op for their fans to have a better experience. 

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