Inflatable Misting Stations

Misting tents are uniquely designed inflatable tents with a misting system. The to be product as well as a fully functional tent which can be used to decorate an event and host activities within it. These inflatable structures can be the centerpiece at a concert, gala or exhibition and their peculiar design always seems to draw crowds.

We are capable of fully customizing an inflatable dome to suit your needs. Since we manufacture everything in-house we control every step of the creation process which allows us to both give you a quick turnaround time and limitless possibilities in a design or request. There are three main questions we need for you to answer when you contact us. How big is the dome going to be? Will the dome be custom printed (i.e. with logos, colors or any other custom graphics.) Finally, we will need to know when you need it. 

High Quality Materials

Heavy Duty Misters

Custom Designs

Learn more about the features of a heavy duty pop up canopy.

Design your own pop up tent from one of our tried and true canopy design templates.

Find the perfect fit for your application with one of the the industry standard sizes we offer. 

Carpas De México

Las carpas que producimos son de alto rendimiento para toda ocasión. Nos enfocamos en crear carpas personalizadas al gusto de cada cliente. Personaliza una carpa a la medida que quieras y con o sin logotipos. Fabricamos todo tipo de carpa ya sea para fiestas, eventos especiales o para puestos de venta. Tenemos carpas plegables que son ideales para uso movil/portatil y tambien tenemos carpas armables. Estamos aquí para ayudarle, si tiene preguntas de algún producto contactenos y con gusto le atenderemos. 


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