New Car Tentflatables

Best Outdoor Advertising Medium for the New Car Dealership Market- New Car Tentflatables work well because they’re target specific and provide the right exposure using your make and model of your particular vehicle in giant fashion. New Car Tentflatables have all the right ingredients to effectively attract attention like no other form of outdoor advertising.

Why You Should Use New Car Tentflatables

New, Unique & Innovative ? New Car Tentflatables offer the best exposure to your New Car Dealer lot. Why because New Car Tentflatables are a new form of advertising and are unique and innovative and are very effective in creating awareness.

Three Dimensional Effect- By contouring the edges into the shape of car on our Contoured Inflatable Vehicles we’re able to produce a 3-Dimensional effect that produces eye popping results, talk about head turning, you’ll be surprised how much awareness they produce. Some passer-bys do a double take and wonder how someone was able to produce a car so large. Our goal is to intentionally capture the attention of anyone passing by and to also deceive them into thinking that they’re truly witnessing a larger than life vehicle on your dealership lot. Talk about Impact, you can’t get any better results than this.

New Car Tentflatables Offer Effective & Direct Exposure At A Fraction Of The Cost Of A Standard Billboard- Billboards on average in a highly traveled highway can go as high as $20,000 monthly and are usually located away from the dealership, sometimes as far as 4 to 5 miles. With our New Car Tentflatables you get direct exposure straight from your lot at a fraction of the cost of a standard billboard. New Car Tentflatables can be strategically placed anywhere on your lot using the best vantage point. That is a tremendous advantage over any standard billboard.

Double Sided Advertising- All our New Car Tentflatables come with two sided advertising, offering double the exposure without paying double the price.

Nighttime Visibility (Optional)- If you’re looking to create awareness well into the night we have available powerful 400 watt metal halide light systems that provide nighttime illumination effectively. That’s 24/7 exposure without paying additional fees then what you normally would with a standard billboard company.

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