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Food Tents

In the food service industry pop up canopies are becoming a standard and we pride ourselves in being able to offer the most versatile canopy available on the market. Whether it will be used for a restaurant, farmers market or as a food booth in a carnival, we know our canopies can be adapted to any use case without a hassle. 

Create a custom tent for your business with your logos, unique colors in a way aligns itself with your brand. We provide the canvas for you to use as a template for the design of your choice and once you know what you are looking for, we will manufacture it and ship it to you within 7-10 business days. Rest assured, we use high quality materials and employ impeccable craftsmanship in order to manufacture a tent you will be happy to integrate into your arsenal. We also focus on bringing your idea to life as accurately as possible. We do this through renderings which we will design hand in hand with your team to ensure that the final product is exactly what you ordered. Not to mention we provide this as a free service without any commitment to a tent purchase needed. 


At the end of the day, we are capable of manufacturing just about any tent and we are here to help you bring your idea to life. We do not shy away from extravagant ideas, if anything, we encourage it and will share in the excitement to create something new.

How durable is a food booth canopy?

These canopy tents are manufactured with the very same materials we manufacture every one of our large tents with. What does that mean? Well, we manufacture giant tents for the military, large scale events and other long term applications. This means you get the very same materials for your pop up canopy and it will last just as long as any other heavy duty tent we manufacture. The top of the line frame we offer comes with a 10 year warranty and the printed tent top comes with a 3 year warranty. These tents are meant to last in indoor/outdoor settings and can also withstand rain or shine without a worry. Their rugged build is meant to provide you with a durable structure for your business to rely on.

Important Food Tent Accessories

Canopy accessories are useful every day tools for any portable setup. Tent walls and table covers are the most requested items for pop up tents but when it comes to food canopies we know that there might be different needs, which will vary from vendor to vendor. One of the key features that we know our clients ask for is mesh walls with windows. They are super handy for bugs to stay out and delicious aromas to draw in a crowd. 

Canopy countertops are also very popular as an add on extension for pop up canopies. Typically our clients tend to purchase one for their tent but in some cases they install them all around. It all depends on the setup you wish to have.

Banner extensions for a pop up tent are also very common to display a menu, special offers or prices for the different products you offer. A banner will attach to the front or sides of your tent and is elevated from the top of the valance onward. They most common size is a 3'x10' banner but if you need different dimensions, let us know and we will manufacture it for you.

10x10 Food Tent
Tent for Food
Commercial Canopies for Food Vendors

A commercial display tent is a great option for those who want to advertise their brand everywhere they go. Whether it's in an extravagant way with colorful and eye catching print or with minimal design cues to keep everything subtle, we are capable of bringing your vision to life. 

In certain cases we receive large tent orders for fast food chains that need to distribute a consistent heavy duty tent across the U.S. So, why do they come to us? Well, every tent we manufacture is made with heavy duty materials as a base for you to completely customize. The materials used in every canopy we create is the exact same as those you will find on extremely large tents. This allows for prolonged use in the sun without the material cracking or breaking as well as extended use in rain or even snow without the tent suffering serious damage. 

The question we get following that statement is, "Well, what about the printing? Isn't the printing vulnerable?" To us, this is a non-issue because we utilize state-of-the-art printing methods that impregnate the material we print on and then we apply a proprietary coating to protect the final print. In essence, the print and the material become one and the print is just as durable as our material.

Custom concession booth

Design your own setup in accordance to your work flow and in line with your branding guidelines. Place your logo on the tent top, walls or even on the accessories available for your tent. As mentioned, there are multiple accessories for all food booth canopies and since everyone has a different set up, we make it easy to add or remove accessories. They all feature a modular design function and are interchangeable across our pop up tent models.

Custom Food Tent
Heavy Duty Instant Canopy

The pop up canopies we manufacture are better than ever and feature a capable tent frame and durable tent top. With a heavy duty tent you no longer have to worry about the top ripping or a broken frame within a month. Our tents are meant to last for years on end and we back them with the absolute best warranties in the industry. We do not compromise quality for looks either. The tent you buy will have crisp and clear graphics and the build quality is top of the line. 

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