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40 Foot Tent sizes

40 foot tents are available in increments of 10 feet starting at 10x40 and they range all the way up to 40x100. Tents sizes in increments of 10 feet are our standard sizes but we can also manufacture custom tent sizes upon request. With a larger tent you can host a larger event and be able to accommodate guest quite comfortably. The most common tent sizes requested are the 20x40 and the 40x60. When a client needs a very big tent we recommend they use a 40x100 as it gives them a large footprint for them to plan an event. 


At Custom Tents, the largest tent width we manufacture is 40 feet. Arguably, we could go wider but for the sake of safety we do not often manufacture tents with a width that is larger than 40 feet. This is because the larger the tent, the more anchoring it will require since the tent top can act as a sail if medium to high winds are present. We also strongly recommend that you are aware of the weather and wind situations during your installation and period the tent will be in use.

10x40 Commercial Tent
20x40 Commercial Tent
30x40 Commercial Tent

10x40 Tents

20x40 Tents

30x40 Tents

40x40 Commercial Tent

40x40 Tents

40x50 Commercial Tent

40x50 Tents

40x60 Commercial Tent

40x60 Tents

40x70 Commercial Tent

40x70 Tents

40x80 Commercial Tent

40x80 Tents

40x90 Commercial Tent

40x90 Tents

40x100 Commercial Tent

40x100 Tents

Tent Rental
Custom 20x40 Tent

Custom 20x40 Tent

If you want to customize a large tent we are one of the few companies in the world who can actually manufacture it. This is because we manufacture everything in-house in our facility in South El Monte, CA. We design, manufacture, assemble and ship directly from our factory. 

So, how can you customize a tent? If you are unsure how you want your tent to look, let us know. Our knowledgeable staff have been helping people design their own custom tents for over 35+ years. There are many shapes, sizes, styles and accessories that are suitable for specific use cases. Sometimes clients know exactly what they want for their tent structure. 

Aside from customizing the tent shape and size you can also customize the tent top and accessories with logos, imaging, custom colors and text. We are also able to color match it to your brand's guidelines or design it in a way that matches your current marketing campaign. Tent tops are digitally printed base material, which is white. Digital printing embeds color onto the material so the final print will last for years to come. Digital printing also expands what we can do and it doesn't limit printing to one color or image. This means we can print multiple images, logos and colors at once without any price difference.

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