Tents Counters

Displaying a commercial grade, heavy duty Custom Tent with your company’s graphics and logos designed by Custom Tent may be enhanced with practical Ad Ons such as Tent Counters. Another excellent facet to your personalized Custom Tent is our team is capable of printing your company logos, text, and graphics directly onto the vinyl which your Custom Tent Counter. This handy Ad On is easily to set up or remove and either way be a great addition to your commercial grade, heavy duty Custom Tent with your company’s unique logo.

All the materials used in the fabrication of your Custom Tent Counter is made in the United States of America. The Tent Counters themselves are easy to install as decoration or as a functional space for company literature, promotional displays, or condiments if you are a Food Booth Tent. Because the Custom Tent Counter is made with waterproof NFPA Certified vinyl and UV stable, meaning it will maintain a brightness and be resistant to sun exposure fading. Our team is extremely knowledgeable about utilizing the finest materials that will best serve our client’s needs. The Tent Counter will be designed according to client’s exact art specifications; any color, menu, mascot, or text may be digitally printed directly onto the vinyl then placed across your Tent Counter.

Building a full functional Advertising Tent with Graphics and Logos becomes even more dynamic when you incorporate a Custom Tent Counter. If you are a Specialty Gourmet Restaurant or Catering company the Custom Tent Counter adds another dimension of interacting with your clientele. Your guests enjoying your fine food and beverages may congregate along the expertly crafted Tent Counters. Contact our office today and get your company art work to our talented Graphic Designer, that person will work closely with you to create your vision for your Custom Tent and Custom Tent Counters.

Aligning yourself with excellence begins with a Custom Tent of Los Angeles California partnership. Our team will handle all the details surrounding your Advertising needs with our specialty, commercial grade, heavy duty Custom Tents with Graphics and matching Tent Counters. The exquisite Tent Counters create a dynamic, interactive brand experience for all Special Event guests. When you think about it, the Tent Counters add another lively dimension of showcasing your company’s greatness; the image of guests enjoying networking around your Tent Counters is another hot spot to attract people to your brand. Call our office today for a free quote and rendering at (626)579-1772 or send us an email inquiry using Request Info portal. We appreciate your interest in our unique expertise in Custom Tents and Custom Tent Counters.