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Custom Tents: 40x60 Tent for House of Blues

Updated: Mar 14

In the realm of custom tent manufacturing, some projects require not only precision and craftsmanship but an intricate understanding of a client's vision. The 40x60 double high peak tent designed for the esteemed House of Blues was precisely one such project.

40x60 Custom Commercial Tent House of Blues
40x60 Custom Commercial Tent House of Blues

The tent's exterior design, envisioned to resemble authentic wood planks, was the first challenge. Achieving this required us to incorporate a textured print, ensuring it not only felt genuine to the touch but also bore the unmistakable signature of the House of Blues logo. Strategically placing this logo without compromising the aesthetic was a meticulous process, but it ultimately enhanced the brand visibility without detracting from the vintage charm the client desired.

Upon entry, the tent opens up into a vast space adorned with images of music legends. This was a demanding design element. Translating high-resolution images onto fabric while maintaining clarity and vibrancy was paramount. To evoke a feeling of nostalgia and admiration, each visual had to be positioned and printed with utmost accuracy. However, the pièce de résistance was the roof. Designed to mimic a star-studded night, we had to ensure that the motif didn't overshadow the other design elements while still creating the desired ambiance.

But beyond aesthetics, the tent's structural integrity was non-negotiable. The custom materials, particularly the printed ones, added a significant amount of weight. We had to engineer a frame that wasn't just robust but also adaptable to the tent's design dynamics. Given the added weight of the custom materials, and the bespoke requirements, ensuring safety without compromising on design integrity posed its own set of challenges. But with our expertise in tent manufacturing, we built a frame that supported and complemented the tent's grandeur.



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