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Food Tent: Shave Ice

Updated: Mar 14

A shave ice pop up is the best thing that can happen to you while you’re strolling down the streets of the city on a hot summer afternoon. Street vendor pop ups have revolutionize the way we think of food in terms of safety. These enclosed pop up food canopies ensure that the food is not being exposed to any debris which makes consumers feel safe about its consumption. In the images below you can see the tent with and without the mesh tent walls that we have added to food tents.

10x10 custom printed food tent Shave Ice
10x10 custom printed food tent Shave Ice

This 10x10 pop up canopy tent was fully printed on its back wall and half walls all around. The tent top itself is custom printed to have their logo and info on the valances of the tent top. The rest of the enclosure is made out of a mesh material to protect the food contents. A customized window makes the transactional aspect possible.

10x10 Branded food tent Shave Ice
10x10 Branded food tent Shave Ice

If you’re a food vendor looking for a similar style tent, give us a call today for a free rendering. This tent is a 10x10 pop up with a Dura Max aluminum tent frame. The benefit of a small pop up canopy is that you are able to transport it easily and when you install it the entire process only takes a 5-10 minutes.

Let us know what you have in mind for a printed tent and we will make it happen. The free rendering we will provide you is available without a commitment to buy. This way, even if you don't purchase from us, you can go to a tent manufacturer and show them what you have in mind. We are also here to help you change the rendering design as many times as you need to compare logo layouts for you to compare.

If you have any inquiries about price or other tent designs feel free to let us know and we will get back to you in a timely manner. Our sales staff has many years of experience and we have seen many great tent designs so we can advise you if you need some guidance.


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