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Tent Rentals: 20x50 Tent

Updated: Mar 14

When it comes to offering versatile space solutions for a multitude of events, our 20x50 commercial frame tents lead the way. Perfectly suited for an array of occasions, these tents are highly popular, not just for their generous footprint, but also for their durable design and aesthetic flexibility. Available in both classic commercial frame and high peak designs, our tents provide a customizable option that can meet the varied needs of our clients.

20x50 Festival Tent Rental
Tent Rentals: 20x50 Striped High Peak Tent

Crafted from high-quality, American-sourced materials, these tents are engineered to last and withstand the elements. They are ideal for everything from car dealerships promoting their latest models, to festivals requiring a shaded space for vendors, to romantic outdoor weddings. The possibilities don't stop there. Imagine transforming these tents into spaces for art exhibitions, corporate retreats, sports events, or even public auctions. Being based in Los Angeles County, we’ve had the opportunity to work with event planners, local businesses, and individuals for diverse needs. In fact, hotels and fairgrounds often request multiple tents to create segmented spaces for large-scale events.

Clients have the option to choose from solid color or striped tent tops, giving them further control over the aesthetic of their event. Whether you're setting up a single tent or arranging multiple tents side by side for a grand layout, the adaptability of the 20x50 tent makes it a go-to choice for any occasion. Our commitment to quality and fast turnaround time has made us a favored choice for tent rentals in Los Angeles County. We understand the logistical challenges of setting up for an event, and that’s why we offer professional delivery, installation, and take-down services. Whether you need a tent for a single event or a long-term tent rental, we've got you covered.

From initial consultation to the final takedown, our Los Angeles-based team is here to ensure a seamless rental experience. For those contemplating whether to rent or buy, it’s worth noting that the cost of renting one of these tents can be comparable to purchasing your own custom tent—another service we proudly offer.


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