Tents Sky Banners

Promoting one’s brand is a constant dynamic which is the game changer that will add longevity to your company name. Consider the impeccably fabricated Custom Sky Banner replete with your company’s logo in 4-color digital printing. Displaying a Custom Sky Banner at your next event coupled with a dynamic Custom Branded Tent with graphics and logos is another excellent, visually appealing feature to enhance your event’s atmosphere. Your guests will extremely pleased you made the extra effort to make your Custom Tent distinctive.

There’s nothing like a bright, bold banner in the sky to stimulate the eye’s curiosity. Custom Tent’s Sky Banner products are precisely that unique item that is being incorporated into Custom Printed Tent and Canopy orders. When crafted and installed with intentionality, the Custom Sky Banner will make a huge impression on the spectator; it will make the difference between guests being attracted or to your booth. The ultimate goal of these dynamic aerial displays is to compliment the overall appearance and promotional effectiveness of your Custom Branded Tent. When you own a promotional Tent with Graphics and Logos fashioned by Custom Tent and attend a variety of themed events in a calendar year, it is easy to swap out a unique banner for each Special Event.

The workmanship that goes into fabricating a Custom Sky Banner is highly detailed. All the materials Custom Tent uses are of the finest caliber and built to last for years to come. How are we that confident? The same heavy duty, commercial grade material we employ to construct our Custom Pop Up Tents is used to design a Custom Sky Banner. Moreover, the material is NFPA-Certified and is sealed with a special UV coating, which will inhibit fading from sun exposure. In other words, your Sky Banner will appear pristine for years even through years of sun exposure.

Sky Banners expertly fashioned by Custom Tent are both decorative and functional. The Sky Banners have the capability of announcing your brand from a distance and separating you from a sea of generic Pop Up Tents. Because they’re positioned to be mounted atop a tent or canopy means the lettering will be visible for a distance through large crowds. For additional details on how you may add dimension to your Customized Tent with Graphics and Logos with a brilliantly designed Custom Sky Banner, contact a Custom Tent Account Executive at (626) 758-1986. We look forward to raising the banner to promote your cause or Special Event.