Custom Frame Tents

Frame tents are very commonly requested for larger events, semi-permanent installations or when a more heavy duty tent structure is required by out clients. We have 7 different frame styles for you to choose from as your base to create your own personalized design. We are one of a handful of tent companies in the nation that manufacture large tents with custom logos. Since we do everything in house, we can print on any tent of any size with any design you provide us. Our entire design process and manufacturing takes place in our Los Angeles facility. This gives us a couple of advantages that no other competitor can offer to our clients. For starters, we can manufacture and ship your tent to you in a matter of 7-10 business days instead of having a delayed wait time with an overseas manufacturer. Since we are an American manufacturer we source our parts and materials here in the U.S. to provide you with a true heavy duty tent. Another advantage you can gain from working with us is that we can help you install your tent professionally if you are near to our facility. 

On top of these benefits, we offer an incredible lifetime warranty on all of our tent frames. All of our tent tops are also manufactured with heavy duty materials and a one year warranty on printed tops and a three year warranty on solid color tent tops. Our team is confident in our ability to construct an immaculate tent cover with plain or personalized graphics and logos to promote your unique brand. Dealing directly with the manufacture offers many benefits such as immediate updates on the status of your project and being an integral part of the collaborative design process.

Large commercial grade frame tents with graphics

Standard Frame Tents

A classic tent design available in a multitude of sizes, ready to be customized.

20x20 custom high peak tents manufacturing in El Monte CA

High Peak Tents

Also known as marquee tents, structures offer an elevated peak with a slope.

Custom printed gable frame tents

Gable Frame Tents

Heavy duty tents with flat gable ends and a pitched roof.

Customized hexagonal frame tents

Polygonal Tents

If a square tent is not the right fit for you, then design a hexagonal or octagonal tent.

10x20 custom frame tents with inflatables


Custom designed tents with inflatable displays on top.

20x20 commercial high peak tents with company logo Berard

Frame Tent Sizes

Find the perfect fit for your application with one of the the industry standard sizes we offer. 

Large white party frame tents with walls and clear windows

Large Frame Tents

Customize a big tent with all of the imaging you want.

To What Extent can I Customize a Tent?

Select the tent style of your choice and integrate it into your workflow or at your events to add a bit of flair and create brand recognition for your organization. Whether you’re promoting a brand or simply hosting events; displaying a beautifully crafted, commercial grade Frame Tent designed by Custom Tents will definitely accentuate your company’s best qualities. 

Special event planning is a skill which involves identifying reliable outstanding resources to collaborate with you who share your vision for excellence. Our dedicated team at Custom Tent is with you 100% and we understand the importance of delivering products on time. If you require special artwork, text, or logos across the walls or tent top simply consult one of our experienced account executives. Once we are given your design guidelines we will stick to them and use that to create a mockup for you to reference and change until we arrive at the design you envision for your tent.

We are confident that you will be extremely pleased with your personalized or standardized frame tent for your upcoming special event. Custom Tents appreciates your interest in our tent structure expertise and commits to providing outstanding customer service to our clients. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next special event, wedding, reception, Gala or other special occasion. Contact one of our tent expert today to discuss your product needs at by filling out the form below and we will get back to you with quotes and lead times.