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High Peak Event Tents

High Peak Tents are a classic tent design that has now become a standard for all tent manufacturers in the continental united states. As a matter of fact, the tent style is so popular it is slowly becoming the most adopted tent worldwide, only second to the pop up tent with a collapsible frame. These tents have an elevated peak with a flag on the peak the utilizes a cross cable design to keep the tent top elevated. 

The tent top is manufactured with a heavy duty vinyl that can withstand rain or shine for extended periods of time. As for the tent frame, it consist of aluminum poles and commercial grade steel connectors. We also have a double-tube model that consist of thicker poles, rafters and connectors for an even sturdier tent structure. This model creates more open space since it requires less legs for its assembly. 

This particular tent style is typically printed with custom graphics but as you can see below, there are also models without printing. You can get a solid colored tent top, a striped tent top or you can create a completely unique tent design with the graphics of your choice. If you design create the tent design of your choice, you can print just about anything you need on it or you can go a more traditional route with the tent top design and place a logo on the peaks and maybe a website or social media handles on the valances.

Larger tent structures will require a second or even a third peak to maintain the tent top properly elevated. You can reference this below in our mini gallery where you can see different tent tops with varying amounts of peaks. When it comes to selecting a tent size, we tend not to manufacture tents wider than 50' and the length can be virtually as long as you need it to be. 

Finally, this tent style is not limited to a rectangular or square design. What do we mean by that? Well, below you can see the yellow tent on the left which is a hexagonal tent design with a radius of 40 feet. We can also manufacture almost any polygon as long as it does not compromise the tent's structural design. Among our other designs are the octagonal style tent and decagon tent base although they are not too common. 

Custom High Peak Hexagon Tent
20x20 High Peak Tent
What are the most popular sizes?

The high peak tent is generally a very popular tent style that is available in a multitude of sizes. So, what high peak tent size is the most popular? That's easy to answer, the 20x20 (in feet). In close second, the 20x40 (in feet.) The 20x20 is the most common size we manufacture. The smaller 20x20 is used for outdoor exhibitions, booths for events, merch stations and all sort of other applications. The larger sizes are used for weddings, galas and other sit down events although how you use your tent is completely up to you! We have seen our clients use them as storage space in parking lots, quick relief shelters and emergency service tents and even as portable structures for the army.

Featured Product: Double Tube High Peak

The Vault Seed Bank specializes in providing unique seed strains to their customers. For companies with such influence in their dedicated industries, your image and presentation are everything. The Vault Seed Bank is a double tube high peak tent with custom printing on the tent top, back wall, short side walls and table covers. One of the key customization features they specifically requested was their desire to have the tent built on 10 foot legs to elevate their tent top and have it stand out from those around their booth. Normal tent legs are made of thin aluminum tubing but in order to support the extra height and not compromise the structure this tent was built with a double tube tent frame.

Double tube tent structures are thicker, sturdier and can withstand higher wind loads as opposed to single tube tents. They are a bit more expensive but the added benefit is a longer lasting tent which can be installed in just about any weather conditions. Of course, we always ask our clients to practice safety and stay up to date on nearby weather conditions. 

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