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Custom Tents

Custom Tents is a subsidiary of Promotional Design Group. At PDG we focus on creating commercial grade display marketing products for a wide range of applications. We manufacture tents, inflatables and other promotional products in our warehouse located in South El Monte, CA. Custom Tents is our tent division which focuses on manufacturing pop up canopies, frame tents (pole tents) and inflatable tents.

Pop Up Canopy

Custom canopy tents built for heavy duty applications and all weather environments.

Commercial Tents
Custom Inflatable Tents

Custom inflatable tent structures with fast deployment. Available in different shapes.

FInding the right tent

Finding the perfect tent is important, we're here to help you find the right tent for your next event. We are often contacted by customers who know exactly what it is they want but in case you don't, we will help you figure it out. We will go over tent sizes, tent styles, tent shapes and the overall customization process. We also have dedicated videos where you can see each type of tent being used in a real world application. With so many combination options it can be overwhelming to come up with a design of your own, which is why we also  provide free 3D mockups for you to reference.

Custom Canopy Tents

We have manufactured personalized tents since the early 90's and continue to be an industry leader in large frame tents and custom pop up canopies. We manufacture tents to customer specifications, with unique logos and with unique shapes. We are equipped to help design, create and manufacture just about any tent. We work on many projects for large scale events including festivals, concerts and exhibitions. No project is too big or small and we will continue to do our best to be flexible and work with everyone.

Amongst the things that set us apart are a few key elements that we believe you will not find elsewhere. We hold our manufacturing standards high to ensure every single project we work on meets your expectations when it comes to build, aesthetic and performance. We've been operating with this mindset since day one and plan to continue to do so. 

Pioneers of the Industry: In 1990 Custom Tents was the first tent company in the United States onboard the use of digitally printed technology on vinyl and polyester for tents.


Timely turnaround: One of the main reasons we are in a position to assure our clients a speedy turnaround is because all custom tents are fabricated at our 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility in South El Monte, about a 5-10 min drive east of Los Angeles, California. When you deal directly with a manufacturer that is located within the United States you never have to worry about a product being delayed with international shipping mishaps.


Quick Rendering: We value our client’s time sensitive projects and guarantee a timely, professional rendering of your custom tent using our tailored design software on average within 2 hours or less. A skilled graphic designer will plot out client specs in a 3 dimensional layout for client approval prior to production. Our goal is to cast your vision across a blank canvas; creating your personalized, complimentary masterpiece according to your art specifications.


Commercial Grade Material: Custom Tents employs a heavy duty vinyl and polyester materials made in the USA to manufacture specialty tents and custom canopies for all our client’s promotional event needs.


Fire Retardant: All material used contains a fire retardant coating which is NFPA and CSFM approved. We apply a fire certificate to all of our tent tops in the event a fire marshal requires proof of one, which is commonplace particularly at large-scale outdoor festivals.

Custom Tent Projects Are Our Specialty

Once you have selected a tent and we provide you with a mockup the next step is to approve the rendering for your project so that we can begin the manufacturing process. Each and every tent top we fabricate is 100% impermeable and they all come with an approved fire certificate for the materials used on your specific tent. We also provide installation videos for particular tent designs that are out of the norm. The final product is very important to us which is why we double check everything before it ships from our facility to ensure it is in perfect shape before you receive it. 

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