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30 Foot Tent sizes

When you need to cover a large area with a tent, the 30 foot wide tents fit just right since they are large but not too wide. Of course, finding the right fit is ideal so please ask us as many questions as possible and we will help you find a size for you. 30 foot wide tents are available in sizing from 10x30 feet all the way up to 30x100 in increments of 10 feet at a time. These are our standard sizes. We can also manufacture a longer tent if you need it. 

Frame tents, also called pole tents, are available in a few different styles. These vary from gable tops, high peaks, arched tents, standard frame tents and flat tent tops. On top of this, the amount of sides the tent can have are also customizable. Conventional tents have 4 sides either forming a square or a rectangle but we can also manufacture hexagons, dodecagon or octagonal tents. It's all a matter of preference so let us know what you have in mind and we will make it. 

10x30 Commercial Tent

10x30 Tents

20x30 Commercial Tent

20x30 Tents

30x30 Commercial Tent

30x30 Tents

30x40 Commercial Tent

30x40 Tents

30x50 Commercial Tent

30x50 Tents

30x60 Commercial Tent

30x60 Tents

30x70 Commercial Tent

30x70 Tents

30x80 Commercial Tent

30x80 Tents

30x90 Commercial Tent

30x90 Tents

30x100 Commercial Tent

30x100 Tents

Tent Rentals

30 Foot Tent sizes

What about large custom tents? Well, we are one of the few tent manufacturers in the entire country who can manufacture a tent with a custom printed tent top or a with a custom frame shape. As a matter of fact, we know of only 2 other companies who can manufacture a very large tent and print on it and even then, they have size restrictions. We do not. We can manufacture just about any tent size with custom logos, colors, images and other printing options you need. Ask our one of our staff member about imaging and sizing for your tent and we will get back to you with pricing and other options to fit your budget. 

Don't forget, we also provide local installations and take downs. Just have us book our installation crew for your event the day of or a day or two in advance and we will be there to install and secure your tent. We provide our tent installation service in Southern California and focus primarily in the Greater Los Angeles Area. For installations outside of the service area we recommend you find a tent rentals and installation company to secure your tent properly.

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