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20 Foot Tent sizes

20x20 tents are the most popular of all of the 20 foot wide tent sizes. In a very close second is the 20x40 tent that is used for large events like weddings, dinners, galas and parties. Large custom tents are also great as advertising or marketing tools since they offer a large canvas to promote a logo, brand, message or image.


Tents with a huge footprint are versatile and can be used for a wide variety use cases. Another thing to note is that a larger tent allows the host more people beneath the tent. It also provides you with ample space which you can use to add more tables/chairs, include a stage for performances or you can simply us it as an outdoor storage tent. Tents with a 20 foot width are very big but they are still manageable when it comes to installing them with a smaller crew.

Below you can see the 10 foot length increments that we offer as standard sizes for tents with a 20 foot width. These are what we call standard tent sizes and anything outside of these is a custom tent size. It applies across the board for tents with a 10', 20', 30' and 40' width. Of course, we manufacture a custom tent size if it is needed since we know that sometimes there are very specific requirements. 

10x20 Commercial Tent

10x20 Tents

20x20 Commercial Tent

20x20 Tents

20x30 Commercial Tent

20x30 Tents

20x40 Commercial Tent

20x40 Tents

20x50 Commercial Tent

20x50 Tents

20x60 Commercial Tent

20x60 Tents

20x70 Commercial Tent

20x70 Tents

20x80 Commercial Tent

20x80 Tents

20x90 Commercial Tent

20x90 Tents

20x100 Commercial Tent

20x100 Tents

Rent a Tent

Customize your own tent

Every tent we manufacture is made with a heavy duty vinyl material for the tent top. The tent frame is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum. Tent tops are available in a variety of stock colors for you to choose from at no extra cost. We can also print custom imaging and logos on a tent to make it a completely custom tent top. 

We also offer accessories like tent walls, flags and banners to compliment your tent. Walls come in a range of options that can adapt to all tents. You can select from full walls, half walls and walls with see through windows. The flags we offer are available in different sizes and shapes. Finally, we also offer banners, which we call sky banners, that expand across the whole tent or a select portion of the tent. The banners and flags attach to the tents with hardware. The tent walls attach to the tent with a dedicated rope that all frame tent tops include. Every single accessory can be customized with custom printing since we manufacture those in-house as well, as with all of our products. 

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