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Frame Tent Sizes

​When it comes to manufacturing custom tent sizes, we are able to completely design and build just about any tent in any size. But what size should you go with? Determining the size of the tent you will need is one of the most important details one has to consider when purchasing a tent. 


So, there are some things to keep in mind when planning the size of your tent. How many guests do you plan on accommodating within the event tent? If you have a rough idea but are unsure, talk to one of our staff members and they'll help you plan the tent size for your particular needs. Creating a layout plan for your event will make selecting a tent size a much easier process.


Will the tent be permanent or semi-permanent? When considering how big the tent will be, keep in mind that you will also need a crew to install and secure the structure to the ground. This means the bigger the tent, the more labor/time involved when installing the tent. We offer professional installations for local purchases but for out of state projects we recommend finding a certified tent installation crew near you. 


Frame tent sizes are available from the small 10x10 foot tent to the very large 40x100 tent. We can also, in theory, go larger but we do not recommend tents being wider than 40 ft. As for length, well a tent can be as long as you want. In terms of length, tents are modular and can extend for as long as necessary. Our standard tent sizes scale up in increments of 10 feet in either length or width. The most popular tent size, by far, is the 20x20 tent.

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Our standard tent sizes begin with the smaller 10 foot wide tents. For length, these scale up in increments of 10 feet all the way up to 10x100 tents. The most common sizes requested in 10 foot wide tents are the 10x10 and the 10x20. We can also scale up a tent past 10x100, since the structure to extend the tent is modular. Tent tops on the other hand are designed to fit specific frame sizes but we can also make them modular upon request.

10x10 Tents

10x10 Tents

10x30 Standard Frame Tent

10x30 Tents

Custom 10x20 Tent

10x20 Tents

10x40 Standard Frame Tent

10x40 Tents

The next tent width size up from the 10 foot wide is the 20 foot wide tents. Again, all standard tent sizes scale up in increments of 10 feet in either length or width. Anything outside of those parameters is not a standard size. Of course, we can manufacture a tent of any specified dimensions upon request. The absolute most popular tent size in our entire catalog is the 20x20 tent.

20x20 High Peak Tent

20x20 Tents

20x40 Standard Frame Tent

20x40 Tents


20x30 Tents

20x40 High Peak Tent

20x50 Tents

Wider tent sizes are a great way to accommodate more guests at a party or event. The 30 foot wide range goes from 30x30 all the way up to 30x100 (or more, upon request.) These larger structures are useful for large scale parties, concerts, dinners or weddings. It is a tad smaller than the 40 foot wide but it is definitely not a small tent. The smallest footprint is 900 SQFT and it can scale up to 3,000 SQFT, if needed. The 30x60 tent is the most popular tent in this width range. 

Custom 30x30 Tent

30x30 Tents

Custom 30x50 Tent

30x50 Tents


30x40 Tents

Custom 30x60 Tent

30x60 Tents

If you are looking for a truly large tent structure, then the 40 by is the range for you. This is a very large tent range with a very large footprint. These tents scale up to 40x100 but as with all of our tents, it can extend past 100 feet because the tent is modular. A wider tent, such as 50ft, is also possible but we do not recommend it unless it is going to be installed by a professional crew. A wider tent is susceptible to more issues which is why we do not recommend it but we understand it might be needed. From the 40 foot wide tents, the 40x100 tent is without a doubt the most popular. 

40x40 Standard Frame Tent

40x40 Tents

40x60 Standard Frame Tent

40x60 Tents

40x50 Standard Frame Tent

40x50 Tents

Custom 40x80 Tent

40x80 Tents

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