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Custom Inflatable Domes

Inflatable domes are one of the most diverse display marketing tools available to promote brands, businesses and events. This is because they are both a promotional product as well as a fully functional tent which can be used to decorate an event and host activities within it. These inflatable structures can be the centerpiece at a concert, gala or exhibition and their peculiar design always seems to draw crowds.

We are capable of fully customizing an inflatable dome to suit your needs. Since we manufacture everything in-house we control every step of the creation process which allows us to both give you a quick turnaround time and limitless possibilities in a design or request. There are three main questions we need for you to answer when you contact us. How big is the dome going to be? Will the dome be custom printed (i.e. with logos, colors or any other custom graphics.) Finally, we will need to know when you need it. 

The best part about working with us is that we will provide you with design tips, ideas and free realistic 3D mockups for you to see how the final dome is going to look. Our design team is amazing and has many years of experience designing all sorts of promotional products in a professional setting. Once a design is finalized we will manufacture your inflatable dome with heavy duty materials, great attention to detail and then ship it to your location. 

Previous Projects

We have worked with many clients throughout the years and we are happy to see them use our products.

Types of Domes

We manufacture two types of inflatable dome tents with very subtle but important differences. At the end of the day, they are semicircular structures that inflate with a continuous blower system. The two dome styles are spider-legged domes and baffled domes and the main differences are that one has a interchangeable cover and the other is an all in one structure. The Spider-legged dome has a tubular structure that forms the frame of the tent and usually features 8 legs but can sometimes be manufactured with 6. The baffled unit is a unique design that is almost completely enclosed, except for entrances. 

Spider-Legged Domes

Custom printed dome tent New Holland Agriculture

Baffled Domes

giant inflatable dome tent green

Standard dome sizes

Finding the right size is crucial because there are many things to be taken into consideration. For example, when determining what size is right for you, we will need to figure out what the dome size you have in mind is and what your available space is. We will also need to know if you have a minimum or maximum ceiling requirement and in turn this can affect your final dome size. That being said, we do have standard dome sizes that are tried and true and make the whole process less of an easier experience. These standard sizes are measured in diameter and the height is just about half of the diameter since they are spherical in nature.

Custom printed inflatable dome New Balance for Tennis Events

20' Diameter by 10' Height

Eco Exploratorio - Custom Inflatable Dome with graphics

25' Diameter by 12.5' Height

Custom printed inflatable dome tent Leukemia

30' Diameter by 15' Height

Giant inflatable dome tent with business logo El Dora

40' Diameter by 20' Height

Giant inflatable white spider dome event tent

50' Diameter by 25' Height

Custom inflatable NASA Domes at an exhibition.

60' Diameter by 30' Height

Custom Printed Inflatable Domes

While domes can be made with a plain material color and a logo printed onto the cover, the printing cost of customizing the entire dome with unique graphics, themed designs or unique colors is the exact same. The Leukemia Lymphoma Society placed an order for over 30 inflatable domes that we shipped to different locations throughout the nation.

Other Tent Options

If a custom inflatable dome is not for you, we have may other options available. Watch this video to see different structures, sizes and styles. Of course, if you have any questions, let us know. If you have questions about colors, prices and structural options just let us know. We can present you with a free rendering for you to visualize your project. On it you will see your project's shape, footprint and dimensions. We will make all of the necessary changes to the 3D mockup until it aligns with your vision. 

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