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Pole tents are mainly square or rectangular tent designs. Adding flair to a frame tent is typically done by selecting a unique type of tent with a peak that stands out from the rest like a high peak or a gable tent. You can also add custom logos and printing to your tent to make it stand out. 

So, how can you top this? How can you stand out from a brightly colored tent or unique and eye catching frame design? Well, we have been working on ways to figure this out. Our CEO is a very creative person and he has been innovating in the marketing and advertising space with many products he's come up with throughout the years. His mind is always developing something new. One of our sister companies, also his creation, makes inflatables and they manufacture all sorts of unique shapes and figures for many marketing campaigns and events. 

Today we innovate again, with one of our newer creations. It is a tent with an inflatable on the tent top. How does this work? Well, first we design and create an inflatable in proportions to the tent size and then we mount it with a platform onto the tent top. The inflatable can be either sealed (airtight) or cold air so that a blower sustains the shape. 

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One of our biggest clients for frame tents with inflatables on top is the Car Dealership industry. With it they can promote the vehicle of the year or season and it stands out as a giant billboard that is visible from afar. Not only that but the inflatable car or sign on top of the tent can be quite large and can be turned into any desired shape. 

If you have a very specific inflatable shape in mind or an inflatable sign in mind, we can manufacture it for you and get the ball rolling on your outdoor advertising tent. 20x20 tents are the most common size for these marketing tents but we also offer different tent sizes for anyone looking for a smaller or larger tent. 

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