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Heavy Duty Canopy


We offer an incredible heavy duty frame collection for you to design your own custom tent. Every one of the frames in our collection is built for constant use in heavy duty environments. They can take on very tough abuse and still perform quite well everywhere you go. We have four different tent grades to choose from but our top of the line canopy is the most popular. 

Heavy Duty Canopy

From Budget to Top of the Line

If you are looking for a cheap canopy frame, we've got you covered. Our Econo Max is our cheapest pop up canopy frame. While it is cheap, it doesn't mean it is not built tough at all! Every one of our frames has a heavy duty construction that you will not find in a consumer grade frame. On the High end is our Gorilla Max canopy frame. It is meant to last and features a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

Econo Max Frame
Rhino Max Frame
Gorilla Max Frame
Dura Max Frame

Available Canopy Sizes

All of our frames are available in the standard pop up canopy sizes. Find the 10x10 canopy, 10x15 canopy or 10x20 canopy you are looking for and we will help you create your own custom canopy. Aside from those sizes we also offer 5x5 canopy tents and 8x8 canopy tents but only in our Dura Max frame since it is our most popular canopy frame. 

10x10 Canopy
10x15 Pop Up Canopy
10x20 Pop Up Canopy

10x10 Canopy

10x15 Canopy

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