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Pop Up Tentflatables

A couple of years ago we invented the frame tent with an inflatable resting on the tent top and it became an instant hit. We called it a tentflatable. Our clients loved it and became a widely adopted product for car dealerships who were looking to both advertise a new vehicle and have a tent on their lot at the same time. A slight drawback with those tents is that they are large and they take a full team to install. Of course, as soon as we saw that we began to ideate a simple and more portable version of this and we came up with the same concept but in a smaller and more manageable package. 

Pop Up Canopies are undeniably the most popular product we manufacture. So we took our strongest frames, which can withstand the added load of an inflatable placed on top. The result is once again, something our clients love. The customization options on a pop up tent are quite expansive and with the inflatable element on top of the canopy we have only added to the amazing possibilities.


The canopies we manufacture are truly unique and we love to run with the ideas our clients bring us. Whether you wish to create a one-off or purchase a large order of these pop ups, we will work with you to create the tent you envision. 

The best of Both worlds

This beautiful tent is built on the same heavy duty frames we offer for all of our pop up tents. By using the same platform we are able to ensure the quality will remain the same while at the same time creating an entirely new tent. The tent also features the quick installation system which allows for a fast, 10 minute or less, setup or take down. Instant canopies also feature portability and can be shipped and transported in a relatively small package. This tent is also compatible with the grand majority of accessories we manufacture so you can further customize your tent your images, logos and unique panels to attract customers. 

10x10 Canopies
Pop Up Canopies with Inflatables
Custom inflatable shapes

Our parent company, Promotional Design Group, is the national  leader in custom inflatable manufacturing. We can create virtually any shape including replicas of products, real life objects, people or animals. With our realistic printing abilities we can create almost any object for you to display with your canopy. 

When creating your inflatable, keep in mind that the size of the inflatable for your tent will be 5-8 feet in width or height. The final size depends on the contour of the inflatable shape.

Custom Pop up Canopies
Custom Canopy Top

Design your custom canopy top in a way that compliments your inflatable display. Personalize your tent top with printed logos, patterns or textures. You can also add messages, websites and other verbiage to the tent valances which are the flat panels on the side of the canopy top. We can virtually print anything on a pop up tent and offer a wide color gamut to print the color of your choice. We also offer multiple standard material colors for you to choose from if you do not want a printed tent top. 

Custom Tent Canopy
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