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Pop Up Canopy Sizes

Pop Up Canopy Sizes

Pop up canopies are versatile tents that can be used for a wide range of applications. They are portable, easily customizable, compatible with a wide range of accessories and they are available in multiple sizes for you to choose from. For most selecting a tent size is not a big deal because they know exactly what they are looking for. For many of our clients the 10x10 is the perfect size. It is without a doubt our most popular pop up. Of course, we really care about the availability of options and offer 5 different sizes for you to choose from. Every frame has a sturdy build quality and is more robust than anything you will find at a big box store.

The smallest pop up canopy we offer is the 5x5. It is very compact and is mostly used for general information booths, lemonade stands and outdoor advertising purposes.

The next size up is the 8x8. It is very similar to the 10' by but it fits in tighter spaces. It is fully customizable and compatible with every accessory we offer.

The 10x10 is the crème de la crème. This tent size is our most sold canopy ever. It accounts for 90% of our pop up canopy sales. It is not too big and not too small. It also has a very heavy duty frame that is perfect for whatever you throw at it. When we say that it is a versatile tent, we really mean it. On the consumer end of things, some of our clients are tired of the cheap pop ups from big box stores and they want something beefier for their backyards, cooks outs, tailgating and sporting events. They are also used by little league teams and is especially popular with soccer and football teams. On the commercial side of things we have has clients who use them as entrance stations, security tents, concession tents, farmer's market tents, mobile businesses, outdoor advertising and trade shows. It's the most popular size for a reason.

If you are a looking for a little more room without going too big we also offer the 10x15. While the 10x10 is perfect for most it can feel a little constrained for larger teams operating around the tent. A 10x15 tent is just as manageable with more breathing room.

The largest canopy we offer is the 10x20 pop up tent. With ample room to run a small business in, it is no surprise to know that they are mostly used for trade shows, food booths (concession tents) and even as portable pit stops for racing teams. These tents are also used for merch centers at concerts, art exhibits at galleries and goodie distribution sites at events. A larger tent gives you more room to run a more complicated setup. You can add more equipment, tools and people inside without compromising on space.

WHICH Canopy size do I buy?

Again, for most the 10x10 is the way to go but we understand that everyone will have different applications. The three sizes below are industry standard. The 10x15 is the middle ground between a small and a large tent. Of course, if you need a smaller setup the 5x5 and the 8x8 are also available.


Also, keep in mind that there are other ways to achieve larger tent setups with pop ups. You can install two 10x10s canopies side by side to form a 10x20 with the option of installing them separately. If you need to go really big you can install two 10x20s lengthwise and achieve a 20x20. The options are endless! 

10x15 Pop Up Canopy
10x20 Pop Up Canopy

10x10 canopies are the most popular pop up tent. Its small footprint lets you install it even in tight spaces while providing cover and brand exposure. The other nice thing is that even though it is smaller than the 15' and 20' it is still as versatile since it is compatible with our entire lineup of canopy accessories.

The 10x15 Pop Up Canopy adds an extra 50 square feet over the 10x canopy but remains manageable. It provides more room for anyone who is running a marketing booth or a concession tent from within without having a very large footprint. The extra space is useful for storage or equipment like tables, chairs, stoves or even to display large items. 

The 10x20 Pop Up Canopy offers ample room with the benefit of being a pop tent. This tent gives you 200 square feet. to display, host, cook, or sell from. While some clients use two 10x10 canopies side by side, others prefer one tent. Now, even though this tent is larger than the others, it is just as easy to install and is also compatible with our entire accessory lineup.

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