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 10 Foot Tent sizes

The sizes listed below are all of the available tent sizes we have for our tents that are 10 feet wide. Sizes range from 10x10 to 10x100 with 10 foot increments in between. While the tents listed below are standard ten foot wide tent sizes, we can also extend the tent to just about any length. We can design our tent frames to be modular, which means that they can be extended to the length you might need. The frame structure is manufactured with a 2 foot aluminum pole and heavy duty steel connectors. Our 10 foot wide frame tents can also be manufactured with a thick double tube pole construction that provides more stability for your tent. Smaller tents do not require double tube frames, as it would be more than likely overkill as opposed to a necessity. 

Another thing to note is that we offer a multitude of stock colors for you to choose from. The tents below showcase the different colors you can choose for your tent. Of course, we also custom print any desired colors or graphics. When it comes to printing, all custom projects are printed on white rolls of material to achieve the best possible color rendition. Our printing is done directly on the material itself, not by using transfers or stickers. We utilize a direct to fabric printer that embeds the high quality ink into the commercial grade material.

10x10 Commercial Tent

10x10 Tents

10x20 Commercial Tent

10x20 Tents

10x30 Commercial Tent

10x30 Tents

10x40 Commercial Tent

10x40 Tents

10x50 Commercial Tent

10x50 Tents

10x60 Commercial Tent

10x60 Tents

10x70 Commercial Tent

10x70 Tents

10x80 Commercial Tent

10x80 Tents

10x90 Commercial Tent

10x90 Tents

10x100 Commercial Tent

10x100 Tents

Tent Rentals

Custom Tent sizes

We can also manufacture tents in custom sizes since we know that our standard sizes are not for everyone. Aside from that there are also varying tent designs, shapes and styles. So once you know what size you need, let us know what tent style you want and we’ll manufacture it, just for you.

Once you've figured out your desired tent size and style, there are a couple of other design parameters that will need clarified. We will need to know if your tent top is going to need custom graphics or if you will be selecting one of our many solid color options. We also offer checkered and/or striped tent tops in a wide array of color options.

On top of these design options there are accessories which we offer for securing your tent, adding entrances/walls and decorative advertising materials like flags and banners. All in all, you can customize a tent just the way you like and we will work with you to make it happen.

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