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Custom Inflatable Tunnel Tents

Inflatable tunnels feature a couple of key elements that both differentiate them from a frame tents and pop up tents. To begin with, they are made of inflatable material which is very different from tent material. Inflatable material is both flexible and features a heavy duty build because it does not have a tent frame structure, it is the structure. We design them in accordance to our client's dimensions as an all in one structure. 


This allows for a quick deployment and installation without any assembly required. A 20x40 inflatable tunnel tent is easily installed in 20 mins or less. You just have to make sure the area where it will be installed is clean, then you inflate it and tie it down. It's super simple and the nice thing about it is that it stores in a relatively compact package for you to both store and transport it with ease. 

So, to what extent can I design an inflatable tunnel tent? We can create structures as big as 40 feet wide with any length you need. As far as aesthetics go, select between our tubular frame or a continuous baffled system for your structure. The tubular inflatable tent is the more popular of the two options.

In terms of artwork and logos, we can print on any tent, add walls, windows and lighting to any inflatable tunnel. This includes any portion of the inflatable such as the legs or the tubular structure. We can also add protruded logo designs to the entrance of any inflatable tunnel. Tunnels can also be manufacture with any color scheme you desire. Choose between a solid colored design or add patterns and unique design cues to any of these inflatable tents. 

Custom inflatable tunnel tent for Los Angeles County Animal Care
inflatable tent structure
Tubular and enclosed models

One of the main differences for tunnels is the way in which they are built. They come in two different build options which are completely preferential. The first is a tubular design with lets and open gaps for people to walk through, much like a regular pole tent. It is supported by the legs that support the structure that is it built with. At the same time, we design the structure according to our clients needs. The tubular style is definitely cheaper since it has a simple design that uses less material and requires less work for us to stitch together. Both are solid constructions and are just as easy to install. 

One major difference is that the tubular design has the ability to have an interchangeable tent cover. It can be swapped for another of a different design which can come in handy if you go to different events and feature different branding.

take a quick look

The tent below is both an inflatable tent and an inflatable tunnel. It was designed for Safety 1st for a baby car seat marketing campaign. The inflatable tent was taken to many events across the country where they would show up at Walmart, Target and other stores and showcase their products. The design is a 20x40 tubular tunnel tent with custom printed graphics on the tent top. It also has removable walls which they used to block out the sun and to limit entrance/exit points from the tent. The color scheme was also matched to their gray and specific yellow when printed so that it didn't deviate from their brand guidelines. 

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