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Gable End Frame Tents

Gable Tents are a particular tent style that is mostly known for its flat sides with an elevated pitched roof. The structure sits atop aluminum tent poles and is an isosceles-obtuse triangular prism made with the same heavy duty materials we manufacture all of our tents. This tent is does not slope, rather it is very geometric with flat edges and large panels where you can place large scale imaging, much like a billboard. Another key feature that is unique to this tent is that the inside of the roof offers quite a lot of space for lighting and internal decorations. 

The flat panels on the tent offer ample room for creative designs such as textures, large pictures or any vector logos. Since the flat side panels are pitched vertically they are also great banner areas that can be filled with any desired image. 

Gable structures are manufactured with the same heavy duty materials that we manufacture all of our tents from. The only thing that differentiates them from our other tents is the fact that they have a different shape, otherwise they are the same. This tent style can also be decorated with an inflatable prop that secures to "peak" atop the tent. Tents with inflatable props are a design we came up with in house and we have a patent pending for the design. Gable structures serve particularly well for this because the structure is reinforced and can sustain the added weight from a prop, even though it's not too much. 


This tent style is available in the following sizes : 10×10, 10×15, 10×20, 15×15, 15×20, 20×20, 20×40. The standard size for this tent is 20 feet by 40 feet but we are not limited to any of these sizes since we can tents in the shape and size of your choice. 

Bob Evans Gable End Frame Tent
Custom Gable Frame Tent for Outdoor Events Bob Evans
unique tent shape with great versatility

Gable tents have a more refined design that is perfect for weddings, galas, meetups and other special occasions. They are commonly purchased with walls to enclose the tent from the elements if you are hosting a dinner or having some sort of reception. You wouldn't want to have wind blowing on your guest's tables while they are trying to enjoy a meal. They can also be installed without walls to create an open space for more interactive events with high traffic. It is quite common to have this specific tent style utilized as drive through stations since they can accommodate vehicles coming in and out of the tent quite easily. We also know of clients who have purchased these tents for pop up mechanic shops or as quick relief semi-permanent structures. 

Custom Designed Gable Tents

One of our clients liked the entire concept of the gable tent and ran with it. They came up with a barn design tent that closely resembles the barn on their farm. They added a realistic rooftop graphic and custom printed flat panel sides with their logo. The peak design itself was not a conventional but rather a unique peak that had to have a very close resemblance to their picturesque barn peak. All in all, they were happy with the completed tent and we loved the manufacturing challenge.

The tent below is a tent designed specifically for a Toyota dealership. It is a 20x40 tent with a custom printed tent top, valances and side panels on the gable ends. This double tube frame is a durable structure with extra thick 

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