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Parasol Canopies

Parasol canopies are built on the same platform as all of our pop up canopies. We use a heavy duty collapsible tent frame from our pop up tent collection as the base for every parasol tent. Our canopy frames are easy to use, store and transport. Best of all they come with outstanding warranties on both the tent frame and the top. 

So, why did we build the parasol tent? One of our most popular frame tents is the high peak tent. That frame tent features an elevated peak that stands tall above all other tents while also featuring the arched silhouette that the parasol features. The parasol tent is a smaller and more portable version of it. It stands slightly taller than the regular canopy but because of the design it has a little more volume and seems far bigger than it actually is. This gives you the advantage of standing out with a unique design anywhere you go.

They are also very popular for beachfront environments, local park activities and other summer events. These tents provide an inviting arena that is perfect for mini bars, food tastings, farmers markets and other food driven events. 

As with all of our tents, this canopy can be customized with custom printing, accessories and with different frame and size options. The most common option is a printed tent top with custom logos, tent walls and countertops but you can personalize your tent any way you want. A parasol tent has a 7-10 day turnaround time (business days.)

Custom Canopy with Logos
Pop Up Canopy
12x12 Canopy
parasol Canopy
What's the difference?

As you can see the two tents in the images above have somewhat different aesthetics. The tent on the left is the classic pop up tent with valances and a low pitch on the tent's peak. On the other hand the parasol tent features a higher peak, cleaner lines and no valances. Without valances, the canopy top creates a sleek silhouette that looks truly makes the canopy stand out from the rest. The tent top also extends outward by one foot from each side so the final tent size is 12'x12'. As with all of our tents, the parasol canopy is made of the same heavy duty materials and can be customized with branding, images and desired textures. 

take a quick look

The parasol tent is one of the most aesthetically pleasing tents ever fabricated. It's design was inspired by the high peak tent and through weeks of R&D. We did our best to translate the high peak tent style onto a pop up tent and the results blew us away. So much so that it is now a part of our tent line-up. The tent has a seamless top with an elevated high peak that extends one foot outside of the frame's footprint. It features an open air design that makes it truly stand out from any other tent. Take a look at the video below to see how simple it is to install.

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