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Heavy Duty Canopy

Heavy duty canopies are manufactured with durability in mind. We manufacture the tent top with a heavy duty vinyl and the pop up frame has a rugged build that is meant for daily use. The tent top will not easily rip or tear and it is 100% impermeable. When the tent top is customized it is digitally printed which seals the printed image onto the material and then it is U.V. coated onto the tent top to further protect the print. 


We are so confident in our tents that we have the absolute best manufacturer's warranty on all of our tents. You can be sure to take your tent with you to event after event and it will not fail you after a few uses. As a matter of fact, every tent we sell is sold with the intention of lasting our clients years on years of use. Many of our clients come to us after buying a cheap tent that breaks soon after they purchased it. We do not sell disposable tents, ours are extremely heavy duty and meant to last for years to come.

What sets us apart?

We focus on delivering a truly heavy duty product that is meant to last for years to come. These tents are ready to be installed in all sorts of weather conditions. They are also meant be used on a daily basis if necessary and they will not buckle or fail like many low quality tents. So, what sets us apart?

100% Waterproof and Fire Rated

All of our heavy duty canopies are 100% waterproof! This is because we manufacture them with a waterproof vinyl that protects them from the rainfall. This vinyl is also fire rated with an NFPA-701 certification and has a fire retardant that prevents the quick spread of fire. This heavy duty material is perfect for all weather conditions and allows for both short term and long term tent installations.

Heavy Duty Food Canopies
Heavy Duty Custom Canoy
Durable Frame and Top

Our durable tent tops are meant to last for years on years of use. The pop up canopy frame is a collapsible tent frame with a heavy duty build. As a matter of fact we offer multiple grades of frames but we carry a standard heavy duty frame that is meant to take on anything and everything. The combination of the heavy duty tent top material and the extreme duty tent frame makes for the best pop up canopy readily available on the market. 

High Quality Digital Printing

We are also one of a handful of companies in the U.S. to offer a fully customizable canopy tent. We can print any logo, image or signage on the tent top and the many tent accessories available for you to customize your tent. Since the tent and accessories are made of a high grade material, we match that with a high quality print. Not only is the resolution very detailed and sharp but also the print itself is meant to last for years on end.

Heavy Duty Canopy 10x10
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