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Can Patio Heaters Be Used Under a Tent?

Updated: Mar 14

Yes! Patio heaters are a very common option for tent installations in areas with chilly weather. As a matter of fact, you might have seen some at a restaurant since they are the most common application. Do make sure that the tent you will install one under is fire rated and has a certificate to show it. All of our tents are manufactured with fire rated materials that are both National Fire Protection Agency and California State Fire Marshal certified.

Large commercial frame tent with patio heaters

How do You Heat Your Tent in Winter?

This is a common question we receive from our clients. For the most part, tents are used in warm climates and environments during spring, summer or even fall as warm days taper off. Of course, it also depends on where you live but during winter tents are the first thing that comes to mind. This is because even if you enclose them, they have no insulation and keeping warm is a bit difficult in them. As mentioned above you can utilize patio heaters around tables to keep your guest warm. You can also enclose your tent with walls to warm up the environment around you by keeping heat in. In some cases the cold can be a nuisance and working against it can seem impossible. Well, we are here to tell you it's not! There are multiple tent heater options available on the market. These units can also be rented from your local tent rental provider. Here's a quick video that showcases one for you to look at.

As a tent manufacturer, we do not provide heating or cooling units. Our primary focus is creating the structure you need for your next event. We do however have some things for you to keep in mind when looking for a provider (they are a lot more common than you think.) These are the exact same tips we give in our "How Do You Air Condition A Tent" blog post.

  • Make sure your rental company is local since shipping can become very expensive.

  • Larger tent rental companies will most likely have cooling/heating equipment.

  • Ask about permits in your area in order to install heating/cooling equipment. They aren't always required but it's best to be compliant if they are.


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