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High Peak Tents: Lone Star Rally

Updated: Mar 14

It’s impossible to talk about a company’s success without mentioning the immense contributions of its talented staff. Custom Tents consists of a team of graphic designers, development and manufacturing crew and management as well as on-site experts. Everyone’s function is essential to the success and growth of our company; from the development and manufacturing, point of sale, delivery and set up. We are a world leader in the tent and inflatable industry thanks to the collective efforts of our team.

20x20 Custom high peak frame tent Lone Star

Lone Star Liked our ability to manufacture tents so much that they purchased more than one tent. The tent on top is a 20x20 High Peak tent with a double tube structure. The tent on the bottom is a 20x40 double tube tent that also features a double high peak on the tent top.

We work together with all of our clients to help them envision their event tent and to bring it to life. Once you provide us with your logos or we will focus on using them in a rendering to give you design options and ideas for absolutely free. These renderings can then be modified by your designers or team and we will update it as many times as necessary. Again, this is absolutely free without any purchase agreement necessary. Even if you do not purchase from us, we want you to be able to take that design and show it to whoever you will be purchasing from. It's a reference tool that greatly impacts the communication between the client and the manufacturer.

This form of collaborative work is key to our success. When you come to us with a project you can count on exceptional service and care. Every area and stage of the project is meticulously supervised to ensure the best result in product.

20x40 Branded high peak frame tent Lone Star


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