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How Much Does a Wedding Tent Cost

Updated: Mar 28

For most wedding tents the most common tent styles are the standard frame tent and the high peak tent. In the video below you can see an example of these tent styles along with other standard and custom options.

High Peak Tent with no Printing
40x50 High Peak Tent for Weddings

So what does a wedding tent cost?

The final cost of a tent is determined by its size and whether or not a tent installation by our crew is required or not. If a tent installation by our installation department is required, we will need easy access to your facility in order to transport all the necessary parts and equipment. This is very important since our install crew needs to walk back and forth with gear from their work truck to the install site. If the installation location is far from the work truck, it will take our crew much longer to carry everything, especially if they have to go up a flight of stairs. Most of the time it's not a big deal, but again, if it is difficult to access the location it will cause delays. Another thing to keep in mind is that we would recommend that someone is available on the premises in order to facilitate access to the venue. Oftentimes we arrive at a location and the gate is locked or we have to wait for authorization before entering venue grounds. Sometimes our crew is scheduled for a quick 1-2 hour installation but some of these hiccups can set us back an hour or two.

Wedding tent sizes

We manufacture tents in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of as many customers as possible. So, what sizes are available? The smaller range of tents we manufacture/rent are 10'x10', 10'x20' and 20'x20'. On the larger end of things the most requested sizes are the 40'x80' or the 40'x100'. A 40’x80’ tent has a 3,200 sq ft. footprint while a 40’x100’ offers 4,000 sq ft. of usable space. These larger tents can accommodate approximately 300-400 people comfortably.

Of course, these standard sizes are but a few options. Our full line up has tents between 10'x10' and 40'x120'. Any tent in 10 feet increments for either the length or width of the tent is a standard size. Specific tent sizes are custom and are not available for rental. For example, a 32'x43' would be a very specific size that is outside of our standard tubing range and while we can make it happen, we need to specifically design, engineer and manufacture such a size. We also need to create a custom tent top so that it is fitted specifically to that frame.

Big Tents

The standard tent width on the larger end is 40 feet by whatever length you need. We can also manufacture tents that are wider but it will take a more thought out design and manufacturing process, as previously mentioned. A larger tent needs to be able to withstand its own weight to maintain structural integrity, so on our end we double check specs to ensure safety. If it is not safe, we will not manufacture it. If you need a larger tent, let us know, we will provide you with options and work with you to meet your needs.

40x100 Large commercial frame tent with walls for corporate parties, weddings or festivals

You can also install multiple tents side by side to form a larger tent structure. While we are capable of producing larger sized tents, at times, we’ll opt for smaller tents that can be placed side by side to make a larger sized tent. Keep in mind that certain cities will require permits for larger tent structures. For the most part, local jurisdictions approve almost any tent structure installation but if they go past a certain size, you might want to double check with your venue or local authority to make sure it will not be a problem during the installation period. This is very important so please double check with your venue or local municipalities.

So what size tent do you need?

Finding the right size is very important. You can plan out what you will need but talking to a professional is going to help. Let us know what you have in mind and provide us with measurements if you can and we will give you sizing options. You can also go to your wedding planner and they'll plan out your table arrangement, buffet layout and entrances and exits. They can create a floor map or you can plan your own and we will help you plan around it.

Watch the video below. We're not affiliated with this man, nor do we know him, but the info is valuable. He goes over some things you should keep in mind when renting a wedding tent.

While we do have a large inventory in stock, it'll be easier to work with you if you are planning ahead. This way we can set your order aside and have you booked for your special event. A tent rental is often a better choice as opposed to buying a tent since it is significantly cheaper. On the other hand if you are associated with a venue, it might be best to purchase the tent instead of renting it from us every time there’s an event.

Keep the Weather in Mind

If you are going to be experiencing harsh weather from either rain or heat we have a couple of recommendations for you to keep in mind.

In colder climates accompanied by rain, there is often wind. For rainy days we recommend that you double check what your weather is going to be like. A small drizzle is not a big deal and is easy to deal with. As for windy environments we recommend that you avoid installing a tent in zones where winds exceed 25-30 MPH. We highly recommend that you properly secure your tent with cement ballasts, stakes, water barrels or k-rails. This is paramount even if the weather seems perfect. If winds pick up and begin to exceed 25-30 MPH, we highly recommend that you evacuate everyone from beneath or near the tent. If possible, take the tent down to prevent damage to property or injury to anyone nearby.

In the video above you can see that the wedding attendees are attempting to save the tent. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS. DO NOT DO THIS. Also, for the record, that is not a tent we installed, sold or rented. We highly emphasize safety.

Tent Walls

Ok, so what if you have a light breeze and a drizzle? You can utilize tent walls to prevent rain from coming into the structure and it'll keep the place warmer. If it is still very cold beneath the tent you can also use heaters to warm up the space. We do not rent or sell heaters, but you may be able to find a provider near your venue. They’re fairly easy to find and you're better off sourcing them locally instead of having to pay a lot for shipping on large heavy items.

So, what if it is very hot? If you are going to be installing your tent in a warmer environment we recommend that you avoid using tent walls. That is unless you use a cooling system that requires an enclosed tent. Also, choosing a white tent seems to be the best at reflecting sunlight, thus keeping it cooler. Any other color option will be warmer. Yellow and other light colors can also reflect sun rays from the tent top, but bright yellow tents tend to not be very popular for wedding day celebrations.

Finally, one of the most important points to keep in mind is Tent Installation. Make sure you get a certified tent installation team to do this for you. If you try to do it alone it will be less secure than if industry professionals installed your tent. This is especially true for larger tents.

Service Area

Our service area encompasses the Greater Los Angeles County. We rent, install and clean tents in this area as well as a few others nearby. Just give us a call ahead of time to prepare for your event so that on the day of the installation we are both prepared. If you are outside of our service area we recommend you search for your local tent rental service or wedding planner. They should be able to provide you with quotes, availability and help for your event.


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