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How to care for a custom made pop up canopy?

Updated: Mar 28

Purchasing a pop up canopy can be very beneficial in many ways, but how do you take care of it so it lasts many years? Believe it or not, it’s actually quite easy to take proper care of our pop up tents. Here are a few tips that will help extend the life of your custom canopy. Even though these tents are built with heavy duty materials we definitely suggest you follow the instructions listed below. Also, take a quick look at this video that compares cheap canopies with one of our heavy duty tents.

Do not fold the tent frame while the tent top is still on it.

Many people want to leave the tent top on the frame and then collapse it inward. Sure it’s easier to do that, but the thing is our tent top material is constructed from a commercial grade polyester fabric that is significantly thicker than some store-bought canopies. When one tries to fold our tents, they simply cannot do that because our tent tops are too thick to allow it to fold down. Our pop up canopy frames are also commercial grade, which means the metal poles are also thicker than store-bought tents. Folding one of our tent tops with the tent top still on it could potentially damage the tent top. We always recommend removing the tent top from the frame when storing or transporting the tent. Removing the tent top is easy, and we also provide a storage bag for the tent top.

Clean the tent top periodically.

When cleaning one of our tent tops, all you need is a mild dish soap and a soft cloth with some water. Since our tent tops are coated with a protective film that prevents the graphics and tent material from fading or scratching, you can easily clean the surface of our tents. Most dust is incredibly easy to remove with a soft cloth and water.

Although certified fire resistant, do not use near open flames.

Our tents will not catch on fire, thanks to our certified fire resistant material, however some people might want to use our tents for cooking or barbecues. This is definitely not a good idea. We don’t recommend using our tents for cooking beneath them. All grills and cooking equipment should be placed outside the tent at all times. Most states have food safety measures that require a tent to be fully enclosed when preparing food for human consumption. So while our tents are great for food prep, it is not recommended to use any type of heat source underneath the tent. Small space heaters are okay to use, but with caution.

Always store the tent dry, especially after rain.

If your custom tent is exposed to heavy rainfall, it’s best to make sure the tent dries out completely before storing it. During times of heavy rainfall, it might be difficult to let it dry fully before it’s placed inside the storage bag. In these situations, we recommend opening the tent top after it has stopped raining and cleaning it to remove any potential mold buildup. Mold can adversely affect the tent top’s appearance and performance, so we recommend fully cleaning it before storing.

Do not hang anything heavy on the frame.

We do not recommend hanging heavy items on any of our pop up canopy since it could lead to personal injury or damage to the tent. Our tents can handle quite a bit, but hanging heavy items from it on a regular basis could lead to warped or bent truss bars and other issues. Our tents can accommodate walls throughout the four sides without any issues at all. Vendors sometimes use our tents to hang clothing from the truss bars. We think that’s okay to do, so long as it doesn’t exceed more than a few pounds concentrated in any given section. It’s best to spread out the weight hanging from the tent as evenly as possible. Each of our pop up canopies have different specs, so please consult one of our reps before hanging anything from your tent.

Don’t toss the frame around.

Our tent frames are significantly stronger and tougher than store-bought canopies, but just because they can handle a lot of abuse, it doesn’t mean you should toss the frame around while it’s collapsed. When loading a pop up canopy frame into a car or truck, make sure you gently place it in and carefully take it out when you’re ready to unload. Allowing one end of the frame to hit the floor while unloading, can cause damage to the frame’s corner connectors, rendering the tent inoperable in some cases. It’s always best to use the buddy system when carrying our frames, since some can exceed 60 lbs. We also make roller bags for the frames so that you don’t have to manually carry them. Always use caution while transporting your tent.

Owning a custom pop up canopy is super helpful and can help generate revenue for your business. Keeping your tent clean and tidy will help boost your professional image. We’ve been making tents for over 30 years, and if you take care of your canopy, it will provide you with many years of service.


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