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Are All Tents Waterproof?

Updated: Mar 14

At Custom Tents we focus on creating incredibly durable tents with a selection of unique materials that make our tents stand out from the rest. Our heavy duty vinyl used for the tent tops, walls and most other tent accessories is 100% waterproof. This material is used for both large frame tents and pop up canopies. So the short answer is yes, all of our tents are waterproof. Every tent top manufactured from our specialized vinyl will prevent water from leaking into your tent top. This is because of two reasons. First, we do not stitch our tent tops. Instead we utilize a unique manufacturing method that consist of welding the tent top together and bonding the individual panels into an enclosed top.Second, the material is waterproof so as long as the tent top is completely encapsulated there is no chance of water coming through. The material itself is so durable that it can withstand very cold and hot temperatures with little to no negative side effects.

Custom waterproof vinyl tent tops

Are Pop Up Tents Waterproof?

All of our pop up canopies are made with vinyl material unless otherwise requested. This is the same impermeable material we use for all of our large heavy duty tents. This material holds up for years and years without a need to replace the top every six months. As a matter of fact our longest outdoor installation was a 6 year tent installation. There is one exception to our water proof tents. When our clients request it we manufacture pop up canopies with a polyester material for the tent top. A polyester tent top is water resistant and not 100% impermeable. This is an option for clients who request it but we remind them that our vinyl is the best way to go if they will be encountering rain or leaving their tents out overnight.


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