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How to Create a Restaurant Tent

Updated: Mar 14

Restaurant tents typically take shape of very large frame tents installed outside of restaurants, as patios or dining areas. Ever since the pandemic, we have obviously noted an uptick in the request on behalf of our clients for an outdoor dining area experience.

Large Commercial Restaurant Tent

As a matter of fact, this has driven a large portion of our business in the last year. Some venues have even showed interest in portable food tents to create designated to-go/pickup areas. These portable tents will also double as portable food booths for whenever events return. So, how do you create an outdoor dining experience for your customers?

Large white restaurant frame tent with walls and clear windows

Well, to begin with, we know that every restaurant has entirely different needs, budgets and ideas of what you need for your business. There is no one size fits all approach since every restaurant falls under different local and state jurisdictions. Permit requirements also vary from town to town. In some cases they can be issued within the same day or they can take some weeks of planning.

Commercial restaurant tent with clear walls

Most of the time, getting a permit for a tent is easy. In some cases cities have no permit requirements (check with your local jurisdiction.) Tents on the smaller side are easily approved while very large tent structures are subject to a closer inspection and tighter requirements. For large tent structures we recommend you get structural calculations so that the tent installation meets your city's requirements.

First thing is first, figuring out the tent size is very important which will depend on available space and the venue. Whether it is a parking lot or an open space for your restaurant we will help you figure out what tent size you will need.

You will also have to choose from the different tent styles we offer. There are over 5+ different tent styles available and while not everything will suit your needs we also have the tried and true classics that everyone likes to use. We build everything to order so when you decide on your tent we can design it any way you want. This includes printing and customization with some simple tent accessories that truly make a difference. For example, we can print any particular color, logos or print on the entirety of the tent to make it look however you want. As for accessories, think of cathedral style walls, solid walls or even lights to decorate the tent and give it a more welcoming ambiance.

There are also items, which we do not offer (we only manufacture custom tents), that really bring a dining/restaurant tent together. Some locations like to have fences or large pots to add a bit of a decorative touch to their venue. Others will forgo using their indoor dining chairs and tables and use a classic dining bench for their outdoors setting.

You also have to consider tethering the tent. We offer stakes, ballast and water barrels to secure your tent. While we do not offer them, you can also purchase or rent K-Rails.


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