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How do you Air Condition a Tent?

Updated: Mar 14

While everyone's summer is different we all experience hot days at some point throughout the year. Most of the time you can spend those days in the comfort of your home or at your favorite shopping center where air conditioning is nice and cool. Summer is one of the most event driven seasons because of the available sunlight and clear skies. In our industry it is when we have an incredible surge business.

Frame tents are a nice way to host events outdoors where the breeze can flow through and cool everyone off but sometimes the heat is unbearable and while tents protect you from the sun the heat can linger and can make outdoor events less attractive. So, can you air condition a tent? Yes! Most tent rental centers offer both heating and cooling units that you can attach to your tent. Temperature control can be a bit expensive which is why renting might be a better choice for most. So whether you plan on hosting a summer gala, a wedding or a get together make sure you keep an eye on the weather and plan accordingly.

Lastly, at Custom Tents we do not offer tent cooling units since we primarily specialize in manufacturing tents. We also cannot recommend a specific company for you to rent cooling/heating equipment from since we are based in Southern California and don't know every temperature control supplier in the nation. Also, temperature varies wildly from state to state. We do however want to point out a few things to keep an eye out for when you look for a cooling unit supplier.

  • Make sure your rental company is local since shipping can become very expensive.

  • Larger tent rental companies will most likely have cooling/heating equipment.

  • Ask about permits in your area in order to install heating/cooling equipment. They aren't always required but it's best to be compliant if they are.


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