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What is a Gable End Tent?

Updated: Mar 14

A gable end tent is a standard frame tent with two flat panels on opposing sides. The design allows for a gable tent end to be placed side by side with another tent or even with a building. They also provide a lot of internal room for light/lamp additions without a cramped area. Gable tents are often called structure tents because they do not feature a center pole within the area of the tent. This is especially important because wider tents with a large footprint tend to have a support system in the center of a large tent. We have a unique tent design that avoids that with our gable tents but because we wish to preserve structural integrity we do not manufacture tents wider than 50 feet. Length does not affect the structure's rigidity but width does. So, in theory, the tent can be as long are you need.

Custom gable roof tent Long Beach Cert
Custom gable roof tent Long Beach Cert

Gable rooftops are taller than normal by about 4-6 feet (depends on the final tent size). Another thing to consider is that gable tents can be manufactured in both a collapsible frame or a pole tent which required assembly. The collapsible frames are available in a few sizes and we do not manufacture them in sizes larger than 10x20. As for pole gable tents, we can manufacture tents no wider than 50 feet. Common sizes are 20x40, 40x80 and 40x100 but if you need a larger tent size just let us know and we will work with you to figure out the best size and configuration for your project.

Of course, if you need to customize your tent with custom printing or accessories, we can help you with that. We offer full customization for all tent sizes and styles. We can also design custom tent top shapes if needed or completely unique tent design in general. When you look at the overall build on a gable tent, it is relatively simple and nothing is out of the ordinary. This allows us to easily personalize a tent according to your needs.


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