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What is the Best Pop Up Canopy?

Updated: Mar 28

Finding the absolute best pop up canopy is not an easy choice. Especially with so many tents on the market. Or is it? We offer multiple types of pop up canopy frames in our product lineup. Each and every frame is heavy duty and truly stands out from what is commercially available in big box stores.

Aluminum Dura Max Frame for Canopies
Heavy Duty Canopy Frame

Our line up scales in price based on the durability of the tent top. Of course, there is one pop up that is the top dog and while it's our most expensive, it is also our most durable.

The Gorilla Max

The Gorilla Max is our top of the line pop up tent frame. It is our sturdiest frame with a unique design that none of our other pop ups have. This tent is supported by hexagonal legs that provide support to the frame's overall build. Your average canopy uses a square leg design but it can be a bit flimsy and wobbly if the thickness is not correct, which it almost always is not. On the other hand the hexagonal frame has not just the hexagonal design but the legs are wide and offer a thicker build than most other tents.

At the same time the tent stands out from the rest with heavy duty corner caps, strong base plates for you to anchor the tent and thick aluminum connectors. On most canopies the connectors and brackets are all made of very cheap plastic but on this tent they are made of both durable plastic and metal.

The metal employed to make this canopy is 6061-T6 Aluminum across the entire canopy. Why is this important? Well, most canopies are made of steel and that makes them very heavy and prone to corrosion if whatever paint or coating they are dipped in chips off. On the other hand the thick construction of our frame with heavy duty aluminum delivers a strong canopy without compromising weight. The overall weight of the frame is 67 Lbs. Most of the steel frames weigh in with a little less but again, there are very important trade offs for that weight difference.

Incredible Tent Top Quality

Even though the pop up tent frames offer a robust build quality we also build the tent top with a heavy duty material in order to create a very durable combo. With this combination of a heavy duty tent top we have created the perfect marriage between the two to create the best pop up canopy available.

The tent top we manufacture is specifically fitted to this tent frame. It has a snug fit on the frame without flapping every which way when there is wind. It is also waterproof and has the highest fire rating available in the U.S. for a tent top. The main reason for the tent being waterproof is that it is not stitched, instead we weld it together creating an enclosed structure. We also place the fire certificate on the back of the tent top's inner lip so that it is with the tent top at all times. If a fire marshal request to see it, you can just point to it and it should be good enough for them to approve your tent's safety compliance. This is important because it is required in large scale events.

On top of the tent being both waterproof and having a fire retardant it is also coated with a special U.V. protective coating that protects the print from fading or scratching.

Finally, if you purchase a tent from us, we offer the best warranties available on the market. The tent top has a limited 2 year warranty that covers fading of the graphics and seam separation or any other manufacturer's defects. The Gorilla Max has a limited lifetime warranty against any manufacturer's defects. Of course, we cannot be responsible for acts of God or negligence on the user's end. It's not indestructible but it is definitely more resistant/sturdier than any other tent on the market. That being said, we also recommend you follow safety guides and double check permit requirements in your local jurisdiction. If you have any questions, please let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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