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Updated: Mar 14

20x20 Commercial frame tents

How big is a 20x20 tent?

A 20x20 tent has 400 square feet of usable space. Underneath this tent, you can place 4-5 tables with chairs to accommodate approximately forty guests. This is not a bad space, but if you’re looking to have a huge party with 50+ guests, then maybe something bigger would work a bit better. In most cases, a 20x20 tent is a good size for an outdoor party or to house an outdoor dancing floor. You can also have multiple tents set up to house a dance floor, another for a dining area, and possibly one with a bar.

20x20 heavy duty event frame tents

What does a 20x20 tent look like?

We offer our 20x20 tents in several frame tent styles. Our most popular 20x20 tent is our high peak. Our 20x20 high peak tents come in several color options and styles, such as our red and white striped carnival tent. Our 20x20 carnival tent is perfect for games such as bottle ring toss or baseball toss. We also carry standard frame tents, as well as gable tents, which are both available in the popular 20x20 size. All of our 20x20 tents can be custom printed with digital graphics. So if you’re looking for a completely custom 20x20 tent, we can do it.

How to set up a 20x20 pole tent.

Setting up a 20x20 pole tent can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’re here to help. Fortunately we have set up videos to help you get an idea on how to get started. With any pole tent, you want to make sure you have a clean area to set up. Lay the poles on the ground in the configuration they should be in, and begin assembly at the center crown. Attach the rafters and hip rafters using the J-pins. Once you have all the poles attached to the crown, you can attach the spreaders, which are the poles around the circumference of the tent. Once the spreaders are on and secure, attach the legs using J-pins. Once you have attached the legs, install the base plates on each leg and secure to the ground using the provided ropes to sandbags, water barrels, or cement ballasts.

How many ballast do I need for 20x20 frame tent?

The amount of ballasts that are needed for a 20x20 tent depends on the size of the ballasts. Some ballasts are lighter than others, however 350 lb. ballasts should suffice. Each leg should have at least 350 lb. There are 500 lb. ballasts, but those would be overkill. The minimum we recommend is 200 lbs. per leg for single tube frame tents or 400 lbs. per leg for double tube frame tent options.

How much is a 20x20 tent rental?

Rental rates vary on several factors, including (but not limited to) rental duration, accessory additions, and installation/takedown. Mileage for delivery is also an additional factor. Usually renting a 20x20 isn’t more than a few hundred bucks for a short rental period. There are other extraneous circumstances that could contribute to the rental price, but if you’re in Southern California, you don’t really have anything to worry about. We keep an incredibly diverse inventory of tent tops and frames to accommodate client's individual needs.

How much is a 20x20 blackout canvas tent?

Large frame tents come in many varieties. One of those varieties is the Block-out material type. These special Block-out tents are unique in that the material literally blocks out the sun. Rays of sun cannot penetrate this material, which means you’ll have a darker, cooler tent. In summer applications, the Block-out material is a top choice. The cost of a 20x20 tent depends on many factors. If you decide to get a fully printed top with four fully printed walls, you might be looking to pay a few thousand dollars. However, if you’re looking for a basic, plain 20x20 block-out tent without any of the bells and whistles, you're looking at a starting price of $3190.

What are the best white commercial grade 20x20 tents available?

The best commercial grade tents are the ones that are constructed of anodized aluminum with strong vinyl or polyester materials on top. Our company manufactures this exact tent setup from heavy duty materials that are meant for durability.

White is a great material for reflecting the sun, so it really helps in the summer. White material reflects all the wavelengths of light, meaning that it’s going to stay cooler, longer. Our tent top material is NFPA certified fire resistant and it is 100% waterproof since there are no seams on tent top. Not only that, but it’s also coated with a U.V. protectant to further extend the lifespan of the tent cover. A commercial grade frame tent is meant to last a really long time. If you take care of it, it shouldn’t give you any problems.

How many 48 inch round tables fit under 20x20 tent

Throwing a party can be a headache. But it doesn’t have to be. If you know how big of an area you have, and it can accommodate a 20x20 tent, then we’re off to a good start. 48 inch round tables can seat roughly 6-8 people. 5 tables holding 8 people each would fit in a 20x20 tent. For a tent of this size, about 40 people can fit while sitting down in a dinner setting.

You can divide the tent's footprint into four quadrants and figure out how tight space will be and whether you want to host just people or a mix of people and a banquet. In some cases a larger tent is needed or you can install two twenty foot tents side by side. Of course, we offer full tent customization so you can request a tent in just about any desired size.


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