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Tent Rentals: 40x100 Standard Frame Tent W/ Walls

Updated: Mar 14

Planning the most memorable party can be stressful, especially if we’re talking about large scale corporate parties, weddings or festivals. Events of this nature almost always require the help of event planners who do the best they can to put together the best receptions ever. But if you’re going to relay much of the responsibility of realizing the wedding of your dreams to somebody else and if this one involves a tent you may want to have your guests’ comfort and safety in mind. In which case, if you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place.

40x100 Large commercial frame tent with walls for corporate parties, weddings or festivals

When it comes to finding the best tent for your party there are a few things to look for: Style, durability, capability and safety. We are capable of designing not only the most stylish tent, but also the largest, most durable and safe tent. Having our own manufacturing facility allows for the widest range of frame tents you can find available for rental. Developing everything in house guarantees the safest structures because of our commitment to inspect and control everything that we manufacture ourselves. We also only work with top grade materials that withstand almost anything that comes their way; rain, snow, scorching temperatures and even fire (as a fire retardant.)

40x100 Large commercial frame tent with walls (inside view)

This 40’x100’ is perfect for a wedding, temporary shelter or temporary office space. It can even be used for extra storage that can secured goods with the addition of walls to create a more enclosed structure. These walls are optional and can be removed, enabling for multiple functionalities or use of this tent. Some perks of renting your tent with us are our flexible delivery options as well as installation and take down service.

We work in Southern California and service the Greater Los Angeles Area. If you will require a tent installation, let us know ahead of time so we can schedule everything and have a smooth installation for your event. Of course, if you have further questions, let us know and we will answer them as soon as possible.



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