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Custom Frame Tent: Striped 20x100 High Peak

Updated: Mar 14

Looking for ways to attract customers to a new product launch? Have you created enough anticipation by mailing out flyers telling people about your end of the year tent sale? Custom Tents understands you need to be aggressive with your marketing strategy and we only want to help with that. Our massive looking tents are perfect for car dealerships having holiday or end of the year sales because they need to get as much product out to make room for the new. We make it so easy for you to worry only about your sale strategy and we take care of the rest for you. With a wide variety of frame tents to choose from, we are sure to have what you need. Call us today to rent the perfect tent for your promotional event.

20x100 Striped Tent

This is 20x100 white and blue striped tent is the typical tent you’ll see at car dealership’s sales events. The quintuple high peak tent is a special request from the dealership who purchased it from us. Even then, the tent is manufactured our of a commercial grade, heavy duty frame structure and tent tops. Both the metal components and fabric materials are designed to provide the most lasting protection and security. That means they can withstand certain weather conditions as long as you take the right measures to ensure a proper set up. If in doubt, let our installation crew take care of that for you. Call us about our tent pricing and installation options available.

20x100 High Peak Tent


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