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Standard Frame Tent: Rogue Fitness Standard Frame Tent

Updated: Mar 14

Determined to provide only the highest quality products, doing it The Rogue Way means creating factories only in the US, creating jobs and fair wages that supports a strong economic system. This is how Rogue has been supplying fitness equipment to many fitness centers across the nation and they’re calling it the industrial revolution 2.0.

20x20 Commercial Frame Tent

Custom Tents knows a thing or two about revolutionary breakthroughs. Established in 1984, Promotional Design Group, our parent organization was the pioneer of digital printing on vinyl covered polyester. We continue to innovate and are constantly discovering new revolutionary ways to create effective promotional/advertising items; such as our very unique tentflatable (which is a tent with an inflatable unit on top) or our highly detailed/realistic looking inflatables. Call us for a free rendering today.

This particular tent is a double tube 20x20 tent. This means that the tent does not need a center leg along any of the 20 foot sections. The legs, hip tubes and rafters are all a double tube aluminum that reinforces the structure so that it does not need any extra legs.

With a 20 foot opening on all four sides, you have ample room to come and go while also making your tent more durable. The tent top is fully customized to match their brand guidelines. The fully printed top really adds to a clean loon on the tent with a simple 2-3 color layout.


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