8×8 Custom Printed Pop Up Canopies

Custom Tents is the world leading Manufacturer in Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Custom Tents and Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Custom Pop up Tents.

Custom Tents is a U.S Custom Tent and Custom Pop Up Tent manufacturer and is located in Los Angeles California.

Since 1990 Custom Tents has specialized in Custom Tent Printing using both Solvent based and Dye Sublimation. Corporate branded Tents have become very popular in recent years and are a great way of attracting attention to your event especially when using your tent top and walls like an artistic canvas piece with your Logo and/or Graphics printed on your top and walls. Custom Printed Pop Up Tents work great for your advertising and promotional needs.

Custom Tents offers commercial grade heavy duty 8×8 Custom Pop Up Tents to many businesses across the United States and World.

We also offer the following Heavy Duty Pop Up Tent Sizes: 5×5; 10×10; 10×15; 10×20; 12×12

Custom Tents offers two lines of Heavy Duty Commercial Grade 8×8 Pop Up Tent Frames, the Duramax and Economax.

Duramax Frame Warranty- The Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Duramax 8×8 Custom Pop Up Tent Frame comes with an 8 Year warranty and is our most popular line of High Grade Aircraft Aluminum Pop Up Tent Frame available.

Material Warranty- Tent Top and Tent Walls come with a 3 Year warranty

Economax Warranty- Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Economax 8×8 Custom Pop Up Tent frame which is our most affordable line comes with a 2 Year Pop Up Tent Frame warranty and is made of High Grade Steel.

Material Warranty- The Tent Top and Tent Walls come with a 2 Year warranty

Custom Tents not only offers High Grade High Quality Commercial Grade Pop Up Tent Frames and Tent Tops but the longest Warranties in the world which are a true testament to our durability, quality and longevity.

If you’re interested in a solid color or striped 8×8 Custom Pop Up Tent or a 10×10 Printed Custom Pop Up Tent with your Logo or Graphics give one of our Tent Sales specialist a call at (626) 758-1986 or just fill out the Contact Information and together with our design staff they will meet your needs in every step of the process. Our Design Team can produce a 3D rendering of what your Custom 8×8 Printed Pop up Tent will look like in a matter of 2 hours.