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Heavy Duty Canopy Tents

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

As the leading custom tent manufacturer in the country, we know the ins and outs of all pop up canopies, frame tents and inflatable tent structures. We have manufactured over 30,000+ tents since we have been in business. Every single tent we have manufactured has been a heavy duty tent. Not one exception has been made and we will only continue to produce the best tents possible. Amongst all of the tents we manufacture, pop up canopies are the most requested. It accounts for nearly 60% every tent we have ever made.

The pop up canopy is very practical and has become a staple marketing tool for big and small businesses alike. Today there are household names that we can easily associate with pop up canopies. You can find them at Costco, Walmart, as well as sporting goods stores. There are a couple of problems with these readily available tents.

  • They are not customizable.

  • The build quality is subpar.

  • They offer misleading warranties.

  • They break within a month or two of use.

  • They are often expensive and still have these issues.

These are all issues we wouldn't want to have our clients call us about. Poorly built tents are a huge pet peeve of ours. So we set out to fix all of these issues and create an incredible tent for as low a price as feasibly possible. The result is a heavy duty canopy tent that can take on any weather conditions (not extreme weather conditions [tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.], please use common sense.) Our tent frames are have the same collapsible pop up design that most tents have but it is built with aircraft grade aluminum. This aluminum is lighter than the steel frames out there and it doesn't rust. So you can take it to the beach or have it set up in humid environments without a problem. The collapsible frame design has also been improved in a way that makes it extra durable and structurally sound.

Custom printed vinyl tent top Magfed Addicts

The tent top is also built with high quality fabrics that are meant for extended outdoor use. Another key feature we love to highlight about our canopy tent tops is that they are 100% impermeable. They have no seams or stitched on the tent top structure that would allow water to get in. This is because they cover is high frequency welded which melds the panels for the tent top into one piece.

How to Customize a Canopy Tent

With our tried and true base for what a pop up canopy should be, we have been able to delve into other aspects of tent manufacturing. Most notably, signage, logo and image printing on tents. We manufacture every tent from scratch. Our manufacturing process is streamlined in such a way that we can manufacture any new tent order within 7-10 business days. Also, because everything is streamlined, we can apply your custom design to any of the tents you like. Think of the tent top and accessories as a blank canvas. You tell us how it is you would like it to look and we will assemble it for you. Whether you need a giant image printed or unique logos, we can do it and we rarely shy away from projects. We are also capable of providing color matching for any of tent. This is because we print on the panels for the tent directly and then assemble them just like we would for a non printed tent.

Pop Up Canopy Accessories

Pop up canopy accessories are a great way to attract attention by adding a bit of flair to your booth. Every accessory provides a useful function. For example canopy flags extend visibility for your pop up canopy. It attaches to the top of the canopy frame which gives it a higher ground clearance, giving you a higher chance to be noticed. We also manufacture canopy banners, often called "sky banners", to promote a sale or to have a printed menu on your tent. It too, extends from the top of the canopy and can have any printed message or imaging you desire. In the video below you can see a complete banner installation.

Of course, these are only a couple of examples but we are here to help you design your own tent. Just let us know what tent size you think would suit you best, send us your logos and images and we will do the rest. We are here to manufacture any tent you need and can fulfil single orders as well as large scale orders just the same. Fill out the form below and we will send you price quotes and ideas as soon as possible.


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