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Event Tents

Event tent manufacturers that operate in the U.S. are few and far between but we have been doing so for the last 38+ years! We are located in Southern California where there are never ending events year round. There are a wide range of concerts, exhibitions, farmer's markets, pop up shops, carnivals, conferences, along with media and sports events! 

We are in the orbit of one of the busiest cities on the planet and we find ourselves constantly involved in local, municipal and large scale events. This is because we offer a huge lineup of tent options, fast turnaround times and complete tent customization. Which is what our clients need for their special events. All while offering a heavy duty, American made product.


Our main service area is the continental U.S. but this doesn't mean that we are limited to this area. As a matter of fact, we ship internationally and pride ourselves as one of the manufacturers of heavy duty tents in the world.

Event Tent Rental

We make tent rentals an easy process! We carry a wide range of sizes in our inventory for both big or small events. Rental periods can range from 1 day to a week to months at a time. Every client has unique needs and completely different site installations. We are here to accommodate our client's needs and we work hard to ensure they are met. 

We work with event planners for wedding tent rentals, party tent rentals and of course, event tent rentals. We also work directly with small businesses, multinationals and media companies who all have different applications for tents. You can use a tent as storage and house inventory at a sales event. You could transform your outdoor patio into an outdoor dining experience for your customers. You can also rent a tent for a large wedding or party since it's an event with a short time frame that doesn't quite require you to purchase a whole tent.

If you are in the Southern California region then we can go and install the tent ourselves. We have a team of professional installers ready to be scheduled for your site install and take down. They will arrive on site and properly install and secure your tent. Then, when your event is over, they will be scheduled to go, take it down and bring it back to our facility. Fill out the form below and give us details on what size tent you'd like and for what dates. We will respond within an hour with a quote!

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