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Custom Canopy: Toys For The Poor Foundation 10x10 Canopy

Updated: Mar 14

Toys For The Poor Foundation is a non profit organization that aims to provide toys to underserved children ages 0-12 in the area of little Haiti in Miami, Florida. Their mission is to instill a sense of hope to needy children throughout the community by “putting a smile on a child’s face” during the Christmas holiday season.

10x10 Custom pop up canopy Toys For The Poor Foundation
Custom Canopy Top for Toys for the Poor

Each time we get an opportunity to help you in your efforts to aid or do great things for your community we feel great satisfaction. Non profit or not, we are always willing to help with any form of branding of your tent to get the word out. Promoting with a banner is useful for many reasons such as grabbing somebody's attention or using imagery to attract someone. On the other hand a custom tent allows you to have a person there to do the same but still attract attention to the cause and drive the conversation. People can approach your staff members and have a full on conversation about what it is you do.

10x10 Branded pop up canopy tent Toys For The Poor Foundation
Custom Canopies for Toys for the Poor Foundation

Toys For The Poor uses the tents as donation and distribution centers. The tent also provides a central point for the distribution of information and it gets their brand out there to be more recognized and memorable for people to recall their cause.

Toys For The Poor Foundation 10x10 Custom Canopy
Custom Canopies for Charities

They also loved the tent so much that years later they came back to us with the need for a couple more tents with an entirely new design. We love working with customers who truly enjoy the product. From the moment we build it we know it's going to go well but hearing it from our customers directly sparks something in us. We are grateful for the opportunity to work on projects with an impact and see great results.



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