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How Much Does a Tent with a Clear Top Cost?

Updated: Mar 14

Finding a tent with a clear lining is not that easy since the material has to be just as durable as tent material which is rated at higher tensile strengths than regular banner material. This is achieved through a weave in the product. Regular tent material is quite literally a vinyl coated polyester. The polyester has a weave to maintain its integrity of 1000x1000 denier or higher, depending on the material. Cheap and light fabrics are also used in tent manufacturing but they tend to come in 200x200 or 600x600 denier which is a lighter and less tear resistant weave.

20x20 Tent with a Clear Tent Top

So, a completely translucent material for a tent top would need a weave of some sort to maintain its tear strength but that is very difficult to achieve. As a matter of fact there are very few manufacturers who can offer something for these use cases. The absolute best is called KlearSpan from an American manufacturer. In the industry it is known as clear span. It is not completely clear since it is reinforced by a heavy duty weave that gives it its tensile strength. Still, you get light from the sun that comes in quite well since it doesn't completely block out the sun.

These tents are very expensive since the material is a special order and not something that is standard in the industry. It is a specialty fabric and manufacturing with it is viable but because it is something unique and out of the ordinary it is difficult to source as opposed to stock colors. So the question is, how much does it cost? Well, prices are all based on how big the tent is going to be. We manufacture them in a multitude of sizes which is the main driver of price. If you have a specific tent size in mind let us know and we will work with you to finalize a price. Price is also dependant on whether there will be accessories or any sort of printing on the parts of the tent that can be printer. Unfortunately we do not print on the clear span material.


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