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On Site Tent Installations

Updated: Mar 14

Always dreamed of having your wedding reception out in the fields of a beautiful vineyard? No need to pay an obscene amount of money to book a salon or some other indoor setting. You can still have the wedding of your dreams at your favorite vineyard and Custom Tents can help with the perfect canopy tent. We have a large array of tents from our inventory, so there are many options. The perfect tent for your party is simply a phone call or email away.

Commercial Tent for a Wedding

Enjoying a scenic view at your wedding while still creating an elegant looking structure to shelter your guests from any unpredictable weather conditions is made possible with this 40x80 frame tent with walls. You can rest assured that our structure tents are just as safe, just as cozy and just as elegant as any other facility or enclosed space with a roof on top.

40x80 Commercial frame tent structure (tent installation)

Our structure tents are solid and we make it a point to fortify them to ensure their overall safety. Our tent materials are water resistant as well as fire retardant.

Wedding Tent Rental Installation

Call us with any questions you may have, our friendly staff is always here to provide answers. We service the Greater Southern California area. We offer delivery and installation services. As you can see in the photos above we have a full crew that will head to your location, measure the site and install the tent that best fits your parameters. They will also focus on safety and take all of the necessary notes to keep tabs on how many stakes or other anchoring tools we will need, what kind of surface the tent will be installed on and the true size of the location the tent will be installed.

If you have all of that info already, let us know and we can help you get started. It's best if you have a date in mind along with the tent size you will need. This way we can schedule your installation with our crew and have that specific tent size ready just for you.

Wedding Tent Rental


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