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Tent Rentals: 30x50 Tent

Updated: Mar 14

Looking for a large yet manageable tent solution that's designed to impress? Allow us to introduce our 30x50 commercial frame tents, which are exclusively available for rental in Los Angeles County and its surrounding regions. Engineered from top-grade materials and designed for durability, these tents are your go-to option for both short-term and long-term installations. With a sprawling 1500 square-foot coverage, they adapt effortlessly to an array of event configurations.

30x50 White Tent with a Blue Tent Top
Tent Rentals: 30x50 Tent

Given the size of these 30x50 tents, professional installation is essential. Our team of seasoned tent installation crew comes with the expertise required to safely and efficiently install large tents. Plus, we offer comprehensive services—delivery, setup, and teardown— specifically servicing Los Angeles County. The 30x50 commercial frame tent effortlessly accommodates various types of large-scale events, such as weddings, trade shows, and corporate events. Its spacious interior can easily be tailored for stages, banquet settings, or product demonstrations, ensuring a memorable experience for your guests.

While these tents are particularly popular for large-scale events, their utility extends far beyond. They make excellent temporary storage units, safeguarding your valuables against the elements. They're also ideal for seasonal markets, long-term exhibition setups, or emergency response installations. Constructed from rugged, industry-standard materials, our 30x50 commercial frame tents are designed to withstand the test of time. Be it for a week or an extended period, rest assured knowing the tent will retain its integrity.

Our laser focus on the Los Angeles County market enables us to deliver timely and customized solutions to each client. Whether you're looking to book for an upcoming event or a longer-term installation, we've got you covered. We also work with studios, convention centers and event planners looking for tents or planning to use them for their clients. All in all, we are equipped and ready for our client's needs!


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