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What is a tent frame structure?

Updated: Mar 14

A tent structure is the underlying frame tent skeleton for a large tent. Many frame tents are used as portable offices, portable arenas or as stages. A large custom fabricated tent can can have modular walls, stories and other sorts of structural accessories. We do not fabricate tents that are meant to replace a building with a mezzanine-like structure. Those are more in line with prefab buildings or very massive buildings and they fall under structural code. What we focus on is portable tents for outdoor advertising. Below we will go over the three main design types we can manufacture for anyone looking for a marketing tent.

20x20 truss tent with 10 foot legs and a lot of custom logos and printing all over the tent.
20x20 Truss Frame Tent For Shout.

Pole tents, often called frame tents, are tents that require assembly. They come in large bundles of parts that interlock for the tent structure to be assembled. With these tents, there are a variety of shapes, sizes and parts used for each one. Not to mention, we also manufacture custom tents with unique shapes or one-off designs. A tent is composed of two main parts, a tent top and a tent frame. Each tent top is specific to its frame.

Because each tent style differs from one another, they all have a different frame structures with different set ups. If you want to see the many styles we manufacture, take a look at this page where you can learn more about each individual style. Overall they use the similar parts but they have different design cues that make them different.

The tent in the image above is a truss frame tent which provides more stability and strength as opposed to the standard two inch tube builds. This is because the footprint for each leg is eight by eight inches and it is made of steel with a reinforced design that can withstand more demanding situations.

As for an example of a two inch style frame tent, you can see one below. It is made with a 2 inch aluminum tube that is very durable. Each client has absolutely different needs and what works for some might not work for others. The two inch tent poles are the industry standard.

20x40 tent with a white tent top and a logo in the middle of the tent.
20x40 Single Tube Tent for 18th FORCE

Truss tents like the Shout tent are very over the top in build quality but sometimes it is what is required from our clients. On the other hand single tube tents are the standard but for some it is not enough. A happy medium is the double tube tent frame structure which can be seen below. It is a tent that is built with with a two by four tube that is reinforced and requires less legs while also providing a tougher tent structure for a more resistant tent. This too is made of aluminum but because it is beefier it will last longer than a regular single tube tent.

20x20 tent with custom printing and logos on the entire tent.
20x20 Double Tube Frame Tent for Air 1 Radio



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